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Tell Me A Story, Grandma Glee - Book 5: Roni And Her Pony

DID YOU EVER HEAR OF A PONY THAT WANTED TO BE A RACEHORSE? Well that's exactly what TIP THE PONY dreamed about! He was devastated when he found out that his short legs prevented him from realizing his dream. Roni, the clever little girl who is Tip's owner, showed him how he could excell in other ways! She patiently taught him to prance and to dance, and when the pony competition rolled around, Tip discovered his hidden talent as a Show Pony! In Book 5 of the fascina the pony competition rolled around, Tip discovered his hidden talent as a Show Pony! In Book 5 of the fascinating series Tell Me A Story, Grandma Glee: "Roni And Her Pony", Sapphire is feeling down because people keep telling her that she's too young to do some of things she longs to do so badly. Grandma Glee helps her out by telling her about Tip, the pony that longed to be a racehorse and felt so badly about not being allowed to enter any races. His talented and loving owner Roni patiently shows him how much he can accomplish despite his short legs! Then Grandma gives Sapphire a notebook and asks her to make a list of all the things she CAN do! Sapphire is astonished to discover how many worthwhile things she can accomplish despite her small size! Grandma Glee, you've done it again!!!"Grandma Glee, you're fantastic! You know just how to make a despondent little girl discover her abilities and feel good about herself. And Tip the pony is soooo gorgeous! My kids and I love the story as well as the beautiful illustrations! Thank you so much!!!"Selma Winter, mother of 3, Delaware."We are loyal fans of Grandma Glee! After "Perry the Fairy and her Tail", "Poppy and The Popcorn", "The Land Called Frame" and "Marvelous Marva and the Magical Marbles" delighted our family with their love, mischief and humor, "Roni and Her Pony" has arrived to teach us to have faith in ourselves and our abilities! What will you think of next, Grandma Glee?Paul Seymore, Social worker, Pennsylvania.Give your kids the opportunity to believe in themselves, through the touching and inspirational story of Roni and Her Pony!!! read more