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Innovative Stencils 1130 100-Inch X 44-Inch Tree Top Branches Wall Decal Vinyl Sticker

Color black and left to right orientation shown Innovative Stencils Wall Decals Transform any room with Innovative Stencils vinyl decals — affordable, sophisticated and the easiest way to brighten up any living space. The highly detailed Tree Top Branch will liven up your home by bringing the outdoors and nature into your home, the included singing birds will add beauty and peace to your living room, bedroom, nursery or any other room in your home. The assembled Trel add beauty and peace to your living room, bedroom, nursery or any other room in your home. The assembled Tree Top branch is 100 inches wide by 44 inches high; the birds can be placed and arranged any way you want to create your own unique scene. The decals are easy to apply and a helper will come in handy when applying the Tree Top Branch decal due to the life-like size. The decal comes in several sections that are easy to align and apply; you can even cut the decal into smaller sections with scissors if necessary. Innovative Stencils wall decals are non-toxic, making them safe to use in nurseries, kid’s rooms, and everywhere else in your home without bringing in harmful chemicals and odors. Tree Top Branch Wall Decal 100 inches wide by 44 inches highMade in USA with USA materialsApplies to any smooth surface (works on lightly textured walls)Position birds any way you want to create your own sceneElegant matte finish Highly detailed design looks stunning from any distance (view larger) What Makes Innovative Stencils Wall Decals Different? Innovative Stencils wall decals offer a fast, easy, and affordable alternative to hiring an artist to paint a masterpiece on the walls of your home. Innovative Stencils wall decals are made out of an extra thin, yet extremely durable material. The 3 mil (.003 inch) thickness allows the decal to be so close to the wall that it looks painted on. Your friends, visitors, and family will wonder where you found such a talented artist to paint the beautiful tree branch on your wall. No one will know the decal is a decal unless you tell them; the elegant matte finish used on Innovative Stencils’ decals looks so much better than traditional shiny stickers. Another advantage and similarity the decals have to professionally painted wall art is that they will last just as long as the highest quality paint — indefinitely indoors and 6 years in the most extreme outdoor weather. Innovative Stencils wall decals are made in the USA from materials made in the USA, helping ensure the highest quality product. Matte white right to left version Easy to Apply Innovative Stencils wall decals arrive safely and securely packed in a protective bag and box. The decals come with full installation instructions that are easy to follow. Innovative Stencils wall decals work the same way as professional grade decals used in the automotive and signage industries. Application is easy and does not require a professional or experience. Having a helper while applying the large Tree Top Branch decals will make application faster due to the large size of the decal but even one person can apply this life like scale decal. Even though the decal uses a strong adhesive that is meant to last for years and years, the decal can be removed at any time by slowly peeling the decal off the wall. The decals will not leave any residue and will not damage the wall and paint as long as the paint is in good condition. Innovative Stencils decals will work on almost any smooth surface — outdoors or indoors. The possibilities are endless — walls, doors, windows, mirrors, desks, etc. The decals are flexible so application to flexible substrates such as banners, tents, and synthetic fabric is possible for even more project possibilities. Wall decals should not be applied to recently painted walls, it is best to wait at least two weeks after painting to allow the paint to fully cure and degas. Applying the decals sooner may affect how the adhesive works and the decal may not completely stick. read more