Jonathan Sanders

The Adventures Of Alexander Hamster

The story starts off with Alexander Hamster being picked on in a pet store by the other hamsters because part of his right ear is missing.  Then the front door opens and a young boy walks in looking for a new pet. He goes by the hamsters' area, but they all look the same. He wants something special, and then sees Alexander.   They go home and the boy, little Johnny, sets up Alexander's new home. They play around, but before long it's time to eat. Johnny puts the ham Johnny, sets up Alexander's new home. They play around, but before long it's time to eat. Johnny puts the hamster back in his new home but doesn't close the lid all the way.  Alexander decides to leave and sees the outside world from the kitchen screen door. He is shocked and curious at how big it is and go exploring.   He first encounters a cat, Parker, and is terrified, but the cat reasures Alexander that he's not going to eat him. In fact, Parker has a flaw too- a burned front paw. They realize they're not the only ones woh are different and decide to play hide and seek.  While looking for Parker, Alexander stumbles upon Sammy the squirrel.  After introductions, Alexander notices that he is lost. They both start to back track his steps when they get cornered by another cat. This one looks hungry...   Luckily Parker comes down from the tree to the rescue and runs the other cat off.  They see a "missing" sign of Alexander on the tree and he realizes Johnny must be worried and is looking for him.  He feels bad and it's starting to get dark.  Then Sammy's friend Brittany the blue jay flies down and says she saw the boy who hung the sign and will help find him. She flies around the neighborhood tracking the fliers on lamp posts and trees and see a mom and son walk in to their house. Brittany flies back to tell her new friends the good news. Alexander is in awe that these new animals would help him so much find his way back home.  It's almost dark now and Alexander doesn't think he'll make it home in time. Parker has an idea. Alexander says good bye to his new friends and they hug each other. Then he hops on Parker's back and the cat races him home. He jumps over the fence to the back yard and up to the door. A tear falls from Alexander's ear as he hugs Parker's burnt paw; the cat purring. Alexander has had a big, fun day and can't believe that he met new friends and got a new home all in the same day. He sneaks back in, goes down the hallway to Johnny's room and back into his enclosure. He starts to run on the wheel which wakes Johnny and he's so excited that Alexander came home. The end... for now. read more