Choosing the Right Diaper Bag for You & Baby

Any new mom can attest to the fact that diaper bags are less accessory and more lifeline, allowing you to successfully care for your baby when out and about; therefore, choosing the right one is imperative. Ultimately, the diaper bag that you decide to purchase must fit your lifestyle, budget, and personality. There are six main styles of diaper bags to select from—in hundreds of shapes, sizes, and fabrics—so shop wisely with our help!

Convertible Diaper Bags for the Multitasking Parent

Appealing to the new mom who can't decide which diaper bag style she likes best, convertible diaper bags offer three-way wearability—easily transforming from a tote to a backpack to a crossbody bag with the click of a latch. Some convertible diaper bags even include a stroller strap or clip for a fourth convenient carrying option. No matter your budget, there's a convertible diaper bag for you!

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Diaper Bag Backpacks for the Practical Parent

Backpack diaper bags provide optimal storage with deep main sections studded with pockets, making this increasingly popular style a favorite among moms and dads alike. The hands-free convenience that diaper bag backpacks provide presents you the opportunity to give baby a cuddle at a moment's notice, shop at the mall without worrying about fixing a slipping strap, or even exercise with your little one in the park. When worn correctly, this style, which is recommended by healthcare professionals, evenly distributes the weight of those baby supplies you're carrying across your shoulders to prevent and/or reduce back pain.

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Hobo Diaper Bags for the Hip Parent

Seamlessly constructed, hobo diaper bags are, by all outward appearances, the trendiest of the six diaper bag styles, but the discreet, roomy carryall has so much more to offer than a sleek design. Perfectly sized to slip over your shoulder and to stay securely underneath your arm, hobo diaper bags feature plentiful pockets and cavernous compartments, making them a practical choice for an extra-long outing.

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Messenger Diaper Bags for the Modern Parent

Designed with a slimmer silhouette, messenger diaper bags , also known as sling style or crossbody style, are perhaps the most dad-friendly diaper bag style. They feature an adjustable shoulder strap (to accommodate co-parents of differing heights) that lies flat diagonally across your chest so that the bag rests on (or near) the hip on the opposite side of the shoulder bearing the weight. This stylish option will leave you with open arms to hold what matters most—your baby!

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Satchel Diaper Bags for Stylish Parents

If you've been questioning whether or not it's possible to get a reasonably priced diaper bag made of high-quality materials, satchel diaper bags are the answer. Most similar in style to your favorite pre-baby handbag, satchel diaper bags are generously sized to keep every piece of baby gear neatly organized.

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Tote Diaper Bags for the Classic Parent

Fashion meets function in this roomiest of diaper bags that can easily go from playdate to date night thanks to its unassuming design. Great for all-day jaunts, overnight visits with the grandparents, and for parents of multiples, tote diaper bags are arguably the most popular diaper bag style on the market. This timeless style, which can be used well beyond the diapering stage, is known for its wide-mouth opening making it easy for you to spy and snag baby's binkie before her whimper becomes a wail.

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