Motivate Your Little One With These 6 Potty Training Books

When it's time to start potty training, an easy way to introduce your little one to the potty is reading them a story. These potty training books will help you and your kiddo master potty training in no time.

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Even Firefighters Go to the Potty Book from Barnes & Noble photo

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Even Firefighters Go to the Potty

Teach your child that everyone, yes even firefighters and zoo keepers, must go to the potty in this hilarious lift-the-flap book. The book shows hometown heroes taking potty breaks, even when their real duties call. The flaps on each page lift to reveal what each character left in the potty, giving kids the giggles while becoming more comfortable with taking breaks to go potty. ($8;

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P is for Potty! Book from Barnes and Noble photo

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P Is for Potty!

Elmo from Sesame Street teaches your little one to use the potty in this fun, lift-the-flap board book. Elmo and his friend, Albie, explain all about going potty, wiping, and washing your hands in a fun way your child can understand. Plus, it's the perfect size for your little one to hold while they practice sitting on the potty! ($6;

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The Potty Train Book from Target photo

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The Potty Train

All aboard The Potty Train: This charming story guides your little one to Underpants Station to learn all about potty training. If you're looking for a storybook that's a little less direct about what goes on in the bathroom, this colorful book filled with metaphors is the one for you, paving the way for more conversation with your conductor-in-training. Don't forget to laugh every time you say together, "Chugga chugga poo poo!" ($5;

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Potty Superhero: Get Ready for Big Girl Pants Book from Target photo

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Potty Superhero

Your little superhero will go from diapers to big girl pants in no time with this board book about a hero like her. It features short, easy-to-follow sentences that teach your little girl how to use the potty. The fun illustrations are packed with positivity, giving her the encouragement she needs to master her super potty powers. Find the edition for your little superhero man here. ($7;

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Superhero Potty Time Book from Barnes & Noble photo

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Superhero Potty Time

Your little hero will love to lift the flaps, move the tabs, and spin the wheels in this potty adventure book. This book explains all of the ins and outs of going to the potty — with heroic flair, of course — while allowing your child to practice pulling the toilet paper and flushing. The simple sentences and fun illustrations that show real potties (and what goes in them) will entertain your child while teaching them how to go to the bathroom. An edition for your little princess is also available here. ($8;

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Stress-Free Potty Training Book from Barnes and Noble photo

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Stress-Free Potty Training

If you feel like you're not grasping the secrets to potty training, this guide will be your new best friend. The book begins with a quiz to help you discover the best potty training method for your child, then delves into methods and troubleshooting techniques. One reviewer says she highly recommends this book, and that it helped her potty training her son in just one week. "This book really helped me understand my son and why he/I were having problems." If you feel like you've tried everything, grab this guide and your toddler will be a potty pro in no time. ($15;

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