Must-Have Items for Sharing a Family Bathroom and Keeping the Peace

If your kids share a bathroom or if your home has just one toilet to go around, then you know things can get quite chaotic and messy. While you can make sharing a space into a teaching moment for your kids about taking turns and time management, there are still overflowing shampoos bottles, hairbrushes and other toiletries to deal with. To help, we've rounded up a few simple items from Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon and more to keep the peace and tidy up the shared space.

shared bathroom ideas
Zenna Home Metal Over-the-Toilet Spacesaver photo

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Zenna Home Metal Over-the-Toilet Spacesaver

Traditional cabinetry is great, but in a tiny bathroom full of multiple people's things, you need to utilize as much empty space as possible. You can also put a nice wicker basket on top of this for more privacy and a place for your extra toiletries. ($61;

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Ladder Bathroom Shelf photo

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Ladder Bathroom Shelf

If you don't have room for the width of a full bathroom cabinet, a ladder shelf is a great alternative to lock in extra storage space. The ladder is ideal for simple decor like candles, too. ($60;

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Chalkboard Contact Removable Sticker Poster photo

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Chalkboard Contact Removable Sticker Poster

When keeping track of whose day it is to get the bathroom first or whose on chores, opt for a removable chalkboard to put up on the inside of your bathroom door. Kids can organize among themselves in a hands-on way to avoid Monday morning fights. ($12;

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Apothecary Jar photo

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Apothecary Jar

Use these apothecary jars to organize miscellaneous every-day things in a chic look: Think cotton balls and Q-tips. ($25;

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Mesh Bath Toy Organizer photo

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Mesh Bath Toy Organizer

If your bathtub is starting to be taken over by an influx of rubber ducks, opt for a simple organizer to give them a home when not in use. This way, if your toddler is sharing a bathroom with your tween child, they also won't complain about the baby mess. ($11;

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Aviva Three Chamber Dispenser photo

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Aviva Three Chamber Dispenser

To limit the clutter of shampoo and conditioner bottles on a tub's ledge or shower shelf, try for a shower dispenser. This might also encourage you to buy your soaps in bulk and refill the dispensers which will be easier on both your wallet and the environment. ($40;

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Threshold Bath Basket photo

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Threshold Bath Basket

A simple storage basket is an easy place to keep extra toilet paper or towels close by so the kids don't run out. $13;

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Mackenzie Lavender Iridescent Toiletry Bag photo

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Mackenzie Lavender Iridescent Toiletry Bag

If you're working with a very tiny space, get personalized toiletry bags for each of your kiddos to bring their necessities back to their bedrooms. ($13;

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Expandable Drawer Organizer photo

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Expandable Drawer Organizer

To avoid the nearly inevitable junk drawer filled with disorganized hair brushes and floss containers, put in this adjustable drawer organizer from day one. ($29;

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Zenna Home Rustproof Aluminum Double Curved Shower Rod photo

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Zenna Home Rustproof Aluminum Double Curved Shower Rod

Wet towels often end up on the bathroom floor or left on a child's bed after a shower. To teach them good routine, install a double shower rod so they can get in the habit of neatly hanging up their towels and damp bathing suits. ($40;

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