We Tried the Air Purifier Parents Are Raving About—And It's Totally Worth the Hype

Learn why the Parenting.com editors (and hundreds of reviewers) can't stop raving about the Molekule air purifier. Spoiler alert: Not only does it clean the air like never before, but it's also off-the-charts stylish. Parents, this is one nursery essential you won't want to miss.

The Air Purifier of the Future

As a mother-to-be, it's been my mission to ensure that my husband's and my baby arsenal is locked and loaded for our son's arrival. We quickly realized, however, that feeling 100 percent ready for baby is easier said than done. After making what felt like hundreds of lists and spending several days filling out baby registries, we learned there's always something that could be added. Muddling through what's worth it and what's not can be tough, but we found that relying on product reviews from other new parents felt right to us. So when we stumbled upon hundreds of positive reviews on the Molekule air purifier, we knew it was something we had to try.

I'm sure you're thinking what we originally thought: An air purifier? Do we really need one in the nursery? Well, after having the opportunity to try this product for ourselves, we truly feel the Molekule air purifier is a necessity and highly recommend it for your home. Besides having a sleek, lightweight design (seriously, it looks nothing like an air purifier), this one-of-a-kind device features PECO (Photo Electrochemical Oxidation) technology to help destroy indoor air pollutants like black mold, allergens, and more at a molecular level, leaving your family with clean, breathable air.

Worth the Hype?

When Molekule arrived in the mail, it was neatly packaged and fully assembled. All my husband needed to do was attach the cord, plug it in, and we were up and running—easiest "honey-do" project ever, right? Then I started playing around with the settings, both on the app I downloaded to my smartphone and the touchscreen located on the top of the machine. They're incredibly user-friendly and I was able to decide on a preferred setting in a matter of minutes.

We had discussed placing Molekule in our nursery, which was a room we had recently renovated but never really used before. This space was previously used for storage and—if we're being honest—had a bit of stale smell in the air because we typically kept the door shut. I was planning on airing out the room the old-fashioned way and cracking the windows, however, I couldn't bring myself to open them in the summer heat. Cue the genius air purifier I quickly found myself raving about. Once Molekule ran inside the nursery for 24 hours, that stale smell was no more and it felt so much better to be in the room. I assumed it would take at least a few days to see results but was more than pleasantly surprised that after only one day we noticed a massive difference.

Molekule's chief scientist is a parent who developed the patented technology behind the company because he wanted to find a way to help his son, afflicted with asthma, feel better at home. Still not sold? If you can't take it from us, head over to Molekule's review page and browse the many testimonials to decide for yourself. For my husband and me, knowing that we'll be bringing our son home to a clean space is the peace of mind we needed as first-time parents. We'll now be able to rest easy (well, as easy as you can with a newborn) those first few nights knowing he's breathing clean air. And until our little guy makes his big debut, you can find me recommending this stellar product to all of my friends and family who are willing to listen to a rave review.