Peace of Mind: Safety Tech for Newborns

Bringing home baby is both an exciting and worrisome experience for new parents. Control your anxieties with these tools and technology so you can worry less and enjoy your new baby more.


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Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor

Bringing home a new baby is an exhilarating time. New parents may feel overwhelmed with anxiety worrying about the wellbeing of their baby 24/7. Get some peace of mind with a little help from Owlet. Owlet is a smart sock that monitors your baby's heart and oxygen levels while they sleep, so you can rest easy knowing they are healthy and comfortable. ($300;

monitor your baby's vitals with this sock

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Both you and your baby will love this high-tech baby bouncer complete with five different settings. The sounds will soothe your baby with one of the four built-in melodies. Otherwise, any MP3 device can be connected. Overhead toys and balls will improve your baby's tactile skills, keep her eyes moving, and make her reach for things. ($250;

check out the mamaroo

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Pacifier Thermometer

One of the first things a parent will do when their baby falls ill is taking their temperature. If your baby is fussy, ditch the traditional thermometer and use this pacifier instead. Instead of trying to poke and prod your baby with a traditional thermometer switch to this nifty pacifier for pain-free reading. Don't worry about waking up your sleeping angel to take their temperature, because the Fever Alert glow feature lights up allowing parents to take a nighttime reading without waking baby. ($12;

take a look at this thermometer

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SNOO Smart Sleeper

Soothe your restless, fussy baby back to sleep without getting out of your bed. The SNOO Smart Sleeper is one of the most innovative baby beds in the game and the statistics that support it prove that it's worth every penny. SNOO works by calming your baby's fussing with an effective combination of rocking and white noise. Boost your baby's sleep and reduce the need for sleep training with this must-have smart sleeper. ($1,160;

say goodbye to sleepless nights

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Mimo Smart Baby Movement Monitor

Parenting has become a little bit easier with the innovation of smart technology. The Mimo movement monitor allows parents to track their baby's sleeping habits and movement in a safe, convenient crib sheet. The monitor sends real-time information to your smartphone including live audio. Our favorite feature? The monitor will send you an alert if no movement has been detected after some time. ($180;

must-have movement monitor

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Baby Bottle Sterilizer

Eliminate 99.9 percent of harmful bacteria in just two minutes with this power baby bottle sterilizer. This portable sterilizer operates at a higher temperature than the average dishwasher, so you can rest easy during cold and flu season knowing your baby bottles will be squeaky clean. Just add water to the device and pop in into the microwave to banish germs. The bottle sterilizer can also be used to clean breast pumps, feeding accessories, and other nursing essentials. ($19;

banish germs from baby bottles

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Nokia Home Monitor

The Nokia Home is not your average baby monitor. The HD video camera provides clear visibility, and the night vision capabilities make it ideal for your nursery. The Nokia Home pairs with a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and the Apple watch. Unlike most cameras, this innovative device is the first camera available for streaming on the Apple TV. ($200;

check out this high tech home monitor

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Alcohol metabolizes differently in everyone's body, so it can be stressful trying to figure out when it's okay to breastfeed after consuming alcohol. Get some peace of mind with help from MilkScreen. The easy-to-use test strips are accurate, and you simply have to add a few drops of milk to the test, wait two minutes, and if the strip changes color, you will know that alcohol is present. ($20;

easily test your breast milk