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The Magic of Trevor Lewis

Contains Trevors Opening - Not magic but a magical icebreaker that establishes an immediate and comedic rapport with the audience. Arm Gag - Another amusing bit of business guaranteed to get a visceral reaction from even the most jaded audience. Tap Top- A magical sight gag that enables the performer to produce water fromhis closed fist simply by putting a faucet top on his thumb and turningit CigarettePrediction - A number freely selected by an audience member exacaucet top on his thumb and turningit CigarettePrediction - A number freely selected by an audience member exactlymatches the number of strung-together cigarettes in a pack. Thisinnovative principle is adaptable for non-smoking audiences. Brokenand Restored Glasses - The performer accidentally pops one of thelenses out of the frame from a spectators borrowed pair of glasses.All is made right again when the performer vanishes the lens and itsfound - safe and sound - back in the frame. Card OnTie - A card is merely thought of by a spectator from those depicted ona necktie. A deck is produced and the performer shows that thethought-of card is the only one with an odd-colored back. A diabolicaluse of a classic principle Paper-ClippedCard - A selected card is magically found by a paper clip while thedeck is cased. An easy and astounding miracle that youll do Trevors Card Force - A simple and deceptive force that youll want to add to your arsenal of sleights. SecondDealing - One of magics most difficult and elusive sleights brokendown into easy-to-master steps. Put some practice time in and youll bedealing seconds in no time. TrevorsAce Location Routine - The four Aces are each found in the pack at alocation determined by a spectator rolling invisible dice If youalready do a Second Deal youll want to perform this right away. Ifyou dont youll want to learn just to do this trick One-At-A-TimeAce Assembly with Kicker - The classic Ace assembly with a difference.The Aces arrive one at a time visibly in the leader packet. At theend however rather than the last Ace traveling the other threevanish and reappear with their companion in classic OHenry fashion. CoinMatrix - An easy and effective approach to the classic coin assemblyplot using four coins but just two cards. Several time-testedtechniques are combined to create a mystifying yet easy-to-do illusion. Egg BagRoutine - An egg appears and vanishes from a small cloth bag underincreasingly impossible conditions. At the effects climax a jumbo eggis produced. This routine with the Malini-style Egg Bag is wonderfullyeffective for all audiences in almost any working conditions. ChopCup - The classic one-cup-and-ball routine becomes an interactivemagical experience complete with a final load that will elicit screamsfrom your audience. Theres also valuable advice for table-hoppers onhow to generate interest from other tables. read more