Lancer The Method: Polish & Glow

Which skin type is it good for? Normal Combination Dry A trio of skincare essentials that work together to help improve the skin's texture and tone so that it looks younger, healthier, and more luminous. Solutions for:- Dullness and uneven texture - Dryness - Fine lines and wrinkles If you want to know more… The perfect introduction to the Lancer Method for that coveted Beverly Hills glow. The Method: Polish & Glow features The Lancer Method, Dr. Lancer's anti-agingthat coveted Beverly Hills glow. The Method: Polish & Glow features The Lancer Method, Dr. Lancer's anti-aging system that, when used together, delivers beautiful, glowing results in just three easy steps. First, reveal, smoother, radiant skin with Lancer's dual-action exfoliator: Polish. This unique retexturizing treatment contains physical, chemical, and ezymatic exfoliants to remove built up dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and debris from the skin's surface. It leaves your skin with a healthy glow, promoting a softer, more even, and rejuvenated-looking complexion. Cleanse is pH-balanced with a lightly-foaming formula that leaves the complexion refreshed and clean without stripping skin of its natural moisture. It gently cleanses, lifting away dirt, pollutants, and oils while replenishing essential hydration in a non-drying, easy-to-rinse formula. Finish with Nourish, an-anti-aging powerhouse that cushions the skin in hyaluronic acid and avocado oil for intense hydration. This ultra-hydrating moisturizer reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles while delivering essential nutrients, antioxidants, and polyphenols for a dewy and glowing appearance. This set contains:- 2 oz/ 57 g The Method: Polish - 0.5 oz/ 15 mL The Method: Cleanse - 0.25 oz/7.5 mL The Method: Nourish It is formulated Without: - Parabens- Phthalates The go-to dermatologist for an impressive roster of A-list clients, Dr. Harold Lancer created Lancer Skincare so that everyone can achieve the Lancer Glow at home. With an active patient base of 30,000, Dr. Lancer sees as many as 60 patients a day from across the globe at the Lancer Dermatology Clinic read more