MagWorld Toys

MagWorld Toys Magnetic Construction Rainbow Colors -14 Piece Set. Create in 2D and 3D. STEM Play Age 3 and Up.

A perfect starter set or additional pieces for any MagWorld Set. The 14 Piece Set offers learning that's cleverly disguised as FUN so play promotes important S.T.E.M. skills! Children are intrigued and engaged the moment they see and touch MagWorld 3D magnetic building tiles and all MagWorld Sets develop critical math concepts, geometric shape recognition, geometry skills, special awareness, and early engineering skills. The Rainbow 14 Piece Set includes six (6) smaeometry skills, special awareness, and early engineering skills. The Rainbow 14 Piece Set includes six (6) small squares, and eight (8) equilateral triangles in 6 sparkling rainbow colors and provides opportunities for exploration, discovery, and FUN! An Idea Sheet is included to get you started! Built for safe play, from top-quality, high resistance plastics that will not break or crack. MagWorld takes safety seriously and in addition to sonic welding takes additional measures by securing all tiles with grommets on all sides! Each shape is sized proportionately allowing the tiles to adhere magnetically on all edges. Creative play flows naturally from two-dimensional designs to complex three-dimensional structures. Children discover how squares and triangles can be composed to form pictures, complex shapes, and imaginative buildings. MagWorld Magnetic Building Sets provide parents and educators with a concrete, manipulative S.T.E.M. tool to help children develop mathematical concepts and geometry skills. Equally engaging for kids from pre-K through later elementary school, the basic geometric shapes included in MagWorld sets allow children to build 2D (flat) patterns and designs, as well as to create 3D (solid) forms, thanks to magnetic attraction. Manufactured to the highest quality standards. Every magnet is kept safe and secure in Sonic welded, BPA free, HQABS plastic, and secured with grommets for the utmost security, providing a safe, long-lasting play experience. Appropriate for children age 3+. Engaging for children of all ages. Tiles stack one on top of the other so cleanup is a snap!. read more