The Best Pregnancy Cookbooks to Help You Eat Smarter for Your Baby

When you're eating for two, it's easy to get carried away with cravings. To stay on track during and after pregnancy, reach for one of these smart and effective cookbooks that will help keep both you and your baby happy and healthy.

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The Whole Nine Months cookbook by Jessica Alba from Walmart photo

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The Whole Nine Months

Not sure where to start? This pregnancy cookbook is a great guide for first-time Moms looking for nutritious recipes along with helpful information on growing a healthy baby. Featuring nutrient-dense meals to harmonize with the development of your little one, this cookbook is so much more than just recipes. In fact, the week-by-week meal plan provides the best nutrition for brain growth and overall health for your child's future. Plus, it consists of recipes for a range of diets, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and gestational diabetes, making it customizable to your lifestyle. ($12;

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The Feel-Good pregnancy cookbook from Walmart photo

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The Feel-Good Pregnancy Cookbook

If you're looking for meal options that will agree with your sensitive tummy, you'll want to grab a copy of The Feel-Good Pregnancy Cookbook. The recipes are designed to relieve cramps, reduce nausea and most importantly provide the right nutrients for both you and your growing baby. What's more, it offers kid-friendly cuisines and plant-based recipes. ($13;

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The Gestational Diabetes Cookbook from Walmart photo

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The Gestational Diabetes Cookbook

For moms-to-be who have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, this cookbook will help make the transition a whole lot easier to manage. It's filled with balanced recipes to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and control carb intake, including yummy eats like baked cauliflower tots and one-pan pesto chicken. Plus, these recipes will remain smart and enjoyable meal options for the whole family even post-pregnancy. ($13, orig. $16;

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Nurture book for pregnant women from Nordstrom photo

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Nurture Book

Much more than meal ideas alone, this pregnancy book lends a hand to moms-to-be in a variety of ways, including self-care advice, holistic remedies and safe exercises. The author of this book, Erica Chidi Cohen, is a doula who has coached several births and supported hundreds of families in their new chapter as a parent. We recommend reaching for this book for loads of helpful information to live a healthy life during and after carrying your child. ($23;

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Eat to Feed by Eliza Larson and Kristy Kohler from Target photo

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Eat to Feed

If you choose to breastfeed your baby, you'll need to continue to eat an adequate number of calories to produce milk, opting for naturally lactogenic foods. Allow this cookbook, Eat to Feed, to pave the way by providing nourishing recipes for every mealtime to help increase milk supply for your precious newborn. Bonus: It also gives tips for breastfeeding, creating a healthy pantry and so much more. ($16;

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