Maternity Gone Chic with These 10 Designer Accessories

There are many ways to approach how to dress when you're expecting. Tackle maternity-wear without sacrificing style by dressing in these designer accessories from Farfetch. Keep your necessary maternity clothes to a minimum and wear these trendy additions to spice up your outfit—they can even be used after your little one arrives!

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black Rag and Bone wide-brimmed fedora from Farfetch photo

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Rag & Bone Fedora Hat

If you're looking to make a fashion investment while pregnant, consider something that can be used again in the long run. The simple addition of this Rag & Bone fedora hat to your go-to maternity ensemble can easily elevate your outfit in a matter of seconds. Still rock confidence no matter the season with its bold black color and short floppy brim for a boho-inspired look that will be adorable on any pregnant or post-baby lady! ($221;

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tan round crossbody Chloe bag from Farfetch photo

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Chloé Small Pixie Crossbody Bag

Before your purse turns into a full-on diaper bag, enjoy the time where your handbag is small and light by using this chic, Chloé crossbody bag. As any woman prefers not to carry more than they need to—just keys, cards, and maybe a small snack—this circular pixie bag is one to turn into your grab-and-go purse while pregnant. We have all dreamt of owning a Chloé handbag in our lifetime, so what better time to treat yourself to something special than during these maternity months. It'll be a bag you'll cherish even after your little one's arrival! ($1,550;

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gold necklace from Farfetch photo

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Astley Clarke Opal Peggy Necklace

You may be counting down the days until you no longer have to wear maternity clothes but don't forget you can still buy things you'll use for years to come. Accessories are not only an easy way to make an outfit go from drab-to-fab, but you'll also never have to pack them up when your bundle of joy arrives. This Astley Clarke Opal Peggy necklace is the perfect maternity accessory to add to your jewelry box. The delicate detail makes this dainty beauty worthy of owning pre- and post-baby. You'll soon be counting down the days for this necklace to arrive at your front doorstep! ($392;

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black and gold karl lagerfeld watch from Farfetch photo

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Karl Lagerfeld Karo Watch

Pregnancy brain can get to the best of us, especially when it comes to losing track of time. While the watch won't help with those bouts of forgetfulness, you'll never have to wonder what time it is when wearing this stylish Karl Lagerfeld watch. This snazzy accessory came out in just the knick-of-time for you to treat yourself to something nice during these maternity months because let's face it—you deserve it! ($215;

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black-shaded Thom Browne sunglasses from Farfetch photo

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Thom Browne Eyewear

As a mom-to-be, you've got that pregnancy glow down. Not only that, a bright future is ahead of you with a little one on the way. With so much radiance it just makes sense to find the perfect pair of shades. These Thom Browne square frame sunglasses will amp up your fashionable maternity ensemble that suggests no pictures, please. The grayish color and gold metal accents make for an ideal go-to shade to sport in all stages of motherhood! ($1,002;

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beige and gold Chloe wallet from Farfetch photo

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Chloé Georgia Bifold Wallet

Preparing for your baby to arrive doesn't only consist of designing a dream nursery and researching the best gear, you even have to think about life after maternity months and what you might have to sacrifice. For instance, a large wallet is not ideal to store in an already packed diaper bag, so treating yourself to a stylish designer wallet is just what you need to keep it an easy shift. This Chloé Georgia bifold wallet can easily be tossed into the diaper bag when toting the baby along, but also serve as a great wallet for when you're running out the door on your own. It's designed with multiple card compartments and a sleek, cash holding design and also fits nicely in the adorable Chloé Small Pixie Crossbody Bag! ($380;

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gold and brown earrings from Farfetch photo

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Gas Bijoux Sao Earrings

During pregnancy your fingers can start to swell, leaving your ring accessory game to a minimum. The Gas Bijoux Sao, the definition of ear candy, is all you need to polish off your maternity ensemble. The feathering detail and 24k gold plated, metal makes this accessory one you can't pass up! Now's the time to wear dangly earrings too, knowing your little one will soon love to pull on the feathery jewelry when you're rocking them in your arms. ($113;

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gold Astley Clarke necklace from Farfetch photo

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Astley Clarke Choker Necklace

It's not ideal to drop lots of dough on maternity clothes when you plan on only wearing it a few short months. Instead, spend your hard earned cash on stylish accessories you'll cherish forever. This Astley Clarke choker necklace is the perfect accessory to highlight the radiant pregnancy glow that you have. The rose-gold vermeil and tiny pearl accents make for a perfect statement piece for your maternity outfit. You'll find yourself reaching for this stunning piece long after your pregnancy days are over. ($126;

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gold rhinestone Oscar De La Renta earrings from Farfetch photo

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Oscar de la Renta Embellished Drop Earrings

Your go-to maternity outfit can get a fresh look by accessorizing it with different pieces of jewelry. These embellished earrings are the perfect accessory to make a stylish statement both before and after baby arrives. The blush-toned jewels were meant to be worn for a day out with friends or a dinner date with the daddy-to-be. These Oscar de la Renta earrings are a must-have to add to your jewelry box. ($595;

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gold and black Gucci Sandals from Farfetch photo

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Gucci Gold Marmont Sandals

When it comes to footwear, comfortable shoes reign in importance. It's ideal to wear whatever makes walking around pleasant and enjoyable. These Gucci sandals can easily be slipped on without having to worry about bending over to put them on. The flat heel with gold accents will keep you stylish and cool on those hot, summer days. You're soon to find yourself wanting another pair. Take your maternity style up a notch by sporting these Gucci sandals. You'll be thankful you have them in future summers too! ($495;

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