Sweet Dreams: Pregnant Mothers Guide to Best Sleep

As your beautiful belly grows, sleeping can become much more difficult. These seven products can help put an end to your endless nights spent tossing and turning.

preganant mother laying bed with comfort pillows forming to her body
pregnant mother in black nightgown with white polkadots from Motherhood photo

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Nursing Nightgown

It's easy to overheat when you're pregnant, so you'll want to be cool and comfortable before heading to bed. This sleeveless nightgown will help. Pregnancy can also bring a lot of bathroom breaks, and a nightgown will make middle-of-the-night trips a little easier. With nursing functions and built-in pads, this nightgown will last well past pregnancy. ($30; motherhood.com)

sleep comfortably in this nightgown

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Pure Silk Sleep Mask

Drift off with some help from this super-silky sleeping mask. You may not even realize that your room is too bright, but even the smallest annoyances can help hinder that precious pregnancy sleep. We love this particular mask because it won't pull hair or tug on delicate facial skin. Dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and beauty experts recommend using a silk mask instead of a traditional cotton one. ($45; dermstore.com)

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gray pregnancy pillow from Buy Buy Baby photo

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Pregnancy Body Pillow

The unique design of this pillow will help provide a restful night of sleep throughout every stage of your pregnancy. The aches and pains in your back, neck, and hips can be alleviated by cuddling up with this cotton pregnancy pillow. The pillow also adds belly support for moms-to-be when you sleep on your side. Made for more than just sleeping, you can adjust the pillow to offer comfort and support while reading, watching a movie, or nursing once baby arrives. This pregnancy pillow helps you rest in a natural position for 40 weeks and beyond. ($66; buybuybaby.com)

no more tossing and turning with this pillow

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sleepy body lotion from Lush USA photo

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Sleepy Body Lotion

While your body is focused on providing nourishment for your growing baby, your skin doesn't always respond well to the changes your body is going through. An itchy stomach is common during pregnancy and can keep you up throughout the night. Replenish your itchy, dry skin with Sleepy Body Lotion from Lush. Moisturizing your belly not only relieves itching and keeps your skin silky soft, but it also helps reduce the possibility of stretch marks. The comforting aroma of lavender will make you feel at ease while the cocoa butter and almond oil hydrate your skin to keep you feeling soft and supple all night long. ($10; lushusa.com)

lather up in lavender lotion

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Bamboo Sheets

Hot flashes are totally normal when you're pregnant, and luckily there are products to alleviate the discomfort. Bamboo sheets are made with absorbent, thermal-regulating fabric to help keep you cool and comfortable throughout your slumber. Replace your cotton sheets for bamboo's sweat-wicking properties for a better night's sleep. Bonus, the bamboo yarn is softer than traditional yarn, so you'll be excited to slide into bed every night. ($70 - $100; bedbathandbeyond.com)

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silver sleep therapy sound machine from Amazon photo

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Sleep Therapy Sound Machine

Conquer your pregnancy insomnia with this sound machine. Combine this sound machine with your sleep mask and aromatherapy candle, and you'll be snoozing within minutes. Six crisp digital recordings are included and range from ocean waves and babbling brooks to steady rains and summer nights. The soothing sounds of nature can also work to calm your newborn. ($30; amazon.com)

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Chewable Antacid Tablets

If pregnancy is giving you heartburn, there's a good chance that it's hitting you hardest at night. Elevating your chest and head at night with a pillow can ease some of the symptoms, but you should try to have some antacid tablets closeby at all times—your nightstand is your best bet since heartburn has been known to wake pregnant women in the middle of the night. Avoid antacids with aluminum because it can lead to constipation. ($8; target.com)

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