I Didn't Think I Had Time to Focus on my Wellness—WW Changed My Mind!

As a working mom of two little ones, taking care of myself has been a challenge. Even with all the self-care guidance and advice that floods my television and social media feeds, it's just not something that comes naturally. Of course, I know that when I'm at my best, my family will be, too. It's just so hard to remember that in the moment, especially if I'm tired and starving. That's why I was so excited for the chance to sign up for WW and finally put my wellness first!

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I Didn't Think I Had Time to Focus on my Wellness—WW Changed My Mind!

Weight Watchers has gone through some changes over the past year and is now called WW. That's not the only transformation it has undergone in recent years, though. Of course, many of us have memories of the old Weight Watchers program. Heck, you might have even joined in the past—but this new program is completely different and totally effective! Long gone are the days of paper booklets and manually tracking points. In its place is an amazing and all-encompassing app that not only lets you track your points, but lets you look up any food (prepackaged or not) via the search bar, either by typing in the name or scanning the barcode.

The current program is called WW Freestyle. You're assigned a certain number of points (I got 23), plus an additional number of flexible points for the week (I got 35). Like the original plan, each food has its own point value. The difference with this program is that fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, eggs and legumes are zero-Point foods, meaning you can eat them and they don't count towards your daily allotment! You can even potentially have a zero-point day and still feel completely satisfied!

There are three different types of plans within the program: Digital, Workshop + Digital and Personal Coaching and Digital. For this article, I chose the Digital only plan, which includes a personalized goal, access to the WW in-app community, 24/7 online chat support, fitness tracker syncing and access to exclusive WW content and recipes. It does not include in-person meetings or coaching, guidebooks or one-on-one phone sessions. If you purchase WW online right now, WW breaks down the price per week at it comes to $3.07 for Digital, $6.92 for Workshop and Digital and $12.92 for Personal Coaching and Digital.

Of course, you will learn as you go and find out which program is right for you in the process. So far, the digital-only plan has been amazing! I'm able to track everything right on my phone and get the support and inspiration I need there, too! Plus, with hundreds of recipe ideas, I'm never at a loss for what to eat! I have found that with this program, a little prep goes a long way! Following the WW plan is much easier than I anticipated, unlike other wellness plans. I think this is something I can stick to long-term. It's an overall lifestyle change!

After starting WW, I have much more energy! I feel more in control of my wellness and my life. As a bonus, I even shed a few pounds that I haven't been able to get rid of since giving birth to my second child. Just like anything worthwhile, this program takes commitment and dedication. WW is so simple, seamless and fulfilling that once you get in the habit of it, you'll never look back...at least I didn't!