STEAMTEAM 5: The Beginning (Softcover)

STEAMTEAM 5: The Beginning is an adventure book about five amazing girls who use science, technology, engineering, art, and math to do amazing things. (For ages 7+) This full-color, 8"x10" book has over 140 pages and includes over 75 color illustrations and a glossary of STEM/STEAM terms. This book is the first volume of a fictional universe built around five characters: Sandia Scientist, Treeka Technologist, Evelyn Engineer, Ariana Artist, and Mattie Mathematician.e characters: Sandia Scientist, Treeka Technologist, Evelyn Engineer, Ariana Artist, and Mattie Mathematician. In STEAMTEAM 5: The Beginning, the newly formed STEAMTeam 5 embarks on an unexpected adventure after Mattie's beloved dog, Fibonacci, goes missing during their first slumber party of the summer. The girls must use their combined STEAM skills in order to find and rescue Fibbo. But they quickly discover that their search and rescue mission is just the beginning of their epic adventure. Early Reviews "The use of science, technology, engineering, art, and math by the SteamTeam5 is innovative. The girls use their strengths and skills throughout the book in new and exciting ways. The story has twists and turns that lead you to unexpected places and sparks the imagination." ~ Shambi Broome – Founder, Webgyrlz Code "My daughter absolutely loved STEAMTeam 5! Read the whole thing in a day. The first question she had after finishing it was 'When is book two coming out?'" ~ Tina "My boys were eager to read the book because they were excited about the team using new technology, like drones, to solve mysteries. Finally, a smart series that uses science and current gadgets to problem solve. High fives for shattering gender stereotypes where it’s most needed." ~ Lisa "This is the first book both the kids have liked for a while. We all loved reading a book that gives you a little introduction to lots of different STEAM ideas. It made my kids want to research for more information, which I think is fantastic! We all also liked that the girls are all clever and brave. We look forward to the next installment and finding out more!!" ~ Jo "I like how they work as a team. Treeka’s drone was really clever. Sandia makes cool things. I want to be a scientist just like Sandia." ~ Bea, Age 6 "I loved the mystery and hearing about lots of maths and science ideas. I want to know more about the people the girls mentioned in the library. I’m looking forward to the next book already!" ~ Max, Age 8 read more