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9 ft. Clear Pre-lit Downswept Douglas Fir Medium Pre-lit Christmas Tree - PEDD1-312-90

Realistic tree offered in several sizes. Full shape for a hearty, but not overwhelming look. Clear lights offer a romantic effect. 450 to 1000 pre-strung bulbs, depending on size. 525 to 3933 tips create an authentic look. PE style means branches are molded from real trees. If you think this Downswept Douglas Fir Medium Pre-Lit Christmas Tree has a remarkably authentic look, you're right. Thanks to PE construction, the branches of this tree are created from molds tay authentic look, you're right. Thanks to PE construction, the branches of this tree are created from molds taken from real trees. This gives the tree the edge on a natural look. Branches have a 2-inch width and they are brushed downward, creating an elegant look. This medium frame tree is sure to add warmth to any holiday. It's pre-strung with clear lights, and a couple sizes are also offered with multicolor lights. This artificial tree was designed to last for years to come. Specifications for the 7.5-Foot Tree Shape: Full Base Width: 59 inches Number of Bulbs: 750 Number of Tips: 1867 Specifications for the 9-Foot Tree Shape: Full Base Width: 71 inches Number of Bulbs: 900 Number of Tips: 3185 Specifications for the 10-Foot Tree Shape: Full Base Width: 78 inches Number of Bulbs: 1000 Number of Tips: 3933About National Christmas ProductsNational Christmas Products isn't quite Santa's workshop, but they're getting closer with each passing year. A variety of holiday décor products are offered by the company, including wreaths, garlands, Christmas trees, and more. Each of the greenery products are artificial for a long-lasting indoor/outdoor design, but feature a Feel-Real aesthetic that's nearly indistinguishable from a fresh-cut tree. Several sizes and colors of trees are available with many pre-lit options. Whatever your need, National Christmas Products is here to serve. This Downswept Douglas Fir pre-lit Christmas tree provides a great artificial alternative to a traditional live fir for the holiday season. This artificial fir is constructed to look as natural as possible, with branches that are molded from actual fir branches. This creates a lush and beautiful appearance that provides you with plenty of space for decorating further. With the lights already provided, all that's needed to finish off a festive Christmas look is the addition of a few of your favorite ornaments. read more