8 Baby Brands Bringing Back Glass Bottles

It may seem old-fashioned, but glass baby bottles are coming back in a big way. Glass is easily cleaned and doesn't absorb odor, color, or taste, making it a major must-try for your baby.


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Joovy Boob Glass Bottle and Silicone Sleeve

As the name might have suggested, the Joovy Boob bottle is specifically designed with breastfeeding babies in mind. Breast milk is often stored in the fridge for hours or days at a time, and glass bottles mean you don't have to worry about staining, difficult cleaning, or any unknown chemicals that may be lingering in plastic and mixing into your baby's milk. ($22; bedbathandbeyond.com)

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BornFree Breeze Glass Bottles 2-Pack

These glass bottles from BornFree are designed with little hands and mouths in mind. The bottle body is shaped for comfortable holding, and the flow vent allows your baby to control flow, which can help prevent colic. ($24; kohls.com)

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AVENT Natural Glass Baby Bottle

This AVENT Natural glass bottle uses pharmaceutical-grade glass, which makes it fully recyclable, and guarantees quality. The glass is also heat and thermal-shock resistant, which means it can be warmed, refrigerated, and sterilized without fear of shattering. ($11; philips.com)

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Baby Brezza Bottle

Glass bottles are already easier to clean than plastic, but this Baby Brezza bottle takes ease of cleaning to a whole new level. The extra wide mouth means it's easy to fill and easy to clean and dry. The bottle also has only two parts (excluding the cover)—which means there is less to take apart and sanitize between feedings. ($9; babybrezza.com)

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Hevea Glass Baby Bottle 2-Pack

These Hevea glass bottles are BPA-free, phthalate-free, and PVC-free, which means you don't have to worry about harmful chemicals leaching into the contents of your baby bottle. These bottles are also dishwasher safe, unlike some glass bottles, which makes clean-up a breeze. ($25; walmart.com)

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Lifefactory Baby Bottle with Protective Sleeve

The protective, medical-grade silicone sleeve on this glass baby bottle gives it a more comfortable grip for you and for baby. The sleeve also helps to prevent breakage by making the bottle less slippery, and cushioning it from falls (and throws, as baby gets older). ($17; jet.com)

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Chicco Naturalfit Glass Bottle with Silicone Sleeve 2-Pack

These glass bottles from Chicco are designed to help prevent colic, and come with a tilted nipple to mimic the shape of the breast and help little babies latch on. The included silicone sleeve makes the bottle easier to grip, prevents heat transfer, and provides a skid-proof surface in case of drops. ($22; albeebaby.com)

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Dr. Brown's Wide Neck Glass Bottles 2-Pack

Dr. Brown's is known for for its innovative bottle design that helps prevent spit-up, gas, and colic in babies. Now you can get the classic benefits of the brand with all the benefits of a glass bottle. ($18; buybuybaby.com)

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