The Best Baby Food Makers, According to Reviews

Whether you're a seasoned homemade baby food pro or you just want to try your hand at a few baby food recipes, we can help you find the right baby food making appliance. From baby food mills to immersion blenders to steaming systems, here are some of the best, most versatile baby food makers on the market! Check out these top-reviewed baby food appliances from reliable retailers like Target, Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Best Baby Food Makers Cuisinart Baby Food Maker and Bottle Warmer photo

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Cuisinart Baby Food Maker and Bottle Warmer

This Cuisinart baby food maker has steam, chop, puree and bottle-warming functions, so you can take care of baby through every stage of eating with one tool. This baby food appliance comes with a recipe booklet, spatula, bottle adapter and integrated measuring cup. What Reviewers Are Saying: "My friend recommended it and it has lived up to her advice! Its great because you can steam and puree in one unit. Easy clean up!"; "I love this baby food maker. It steams, chops and purées all in one. Makes making baby food from scratch so easy"; "This has been the best little gadget ever. It's so quick and easy to make baby food - either in a large batch to freeze, or throughout the day as needed for each meal." ($100;

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Best Baby Food Makers Baby Brezza Glass One Step Baby Food Maker photo

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Baby Brezza Glass One Step Baby Food Maker

The Baby Brezza One Step baby food maker can steam and automatically blend up to four cups of food with the push of a button — no separate machines or steps required. Included with purchase is a machine-washable glass cooking bowl for steaming and blending, a spatula and recipe booklet. The Baby Brezza promises homemade baby food in under 10 minutes. What Reviewers Are Saying: "Love it! It's so easy to use and clean. It saves so much time!"; "Easy to use! Easy to clean! Getting ready to use it for my second child. Couldn't imagine making baby food with any other machine!"; "So easy to use and clean! I was previously intimidated at the thought of making my own baby food but now I love it!" ($160;

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Best Baby Food Makers Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System photo

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Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System

When it comes to prepping and storing baby food, the Baby Bullet from Magic Bullet is among the best baby food makers out there. This homemade baby food system comes with a food blender and a set of reusable storage containers with a dial-date option to monitor freshness, freezer-proof storage and more. What Reviewers Are Saying: "It's easy to clean and the directions at simple to follow. I like that it comes with so many pieces to help make your baby food making journey a breeze."; "Wow, I love the baby bullet. It's so quick and easy to use. The trays makes life so easy. So glad I got this. Will save so much $ and feel so great that my baby is eating fresh food." ($60;

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Best Baby Food Makers Sage Spoonfuls Baby Puree & Blend photo

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Sage Spoonfuls Baby Puree & Blend

An immersion blender for your baby? Yes! The Sage Baby Puree & Blend immersion blender has a food processor attachment to help you chop, puree and blend a variety of food in small batches. This is great for families who plan to do a little DIY baby food here and there, rather than prep giant freezer batches all at once. What Reviewers Are Saying: "This product helped mix fruit up so quickly and easily for my twins. Not only was it super easy, but probably my favorite part was that it's all dishwasher safe!"; "I actually enjoy making my daughters food with this product! So easy to throw everything in and just blend."; "This makes baby food prep so much easier! After watching me friends and family are purchasing! So easy to use and clean!" ($40;

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Best Baby Food Makers OXO Tot Mash Maker Baby Food Mill photo

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OXO Tot Mash Maker Baby Food Mill

Sharing your meal with baby is easier than ever with this food mill from OXO Tot. The easy, affordable baby food appliance lets you make small, fresh batches of food for baby. This baby food mill is especially useful for parents who want to simplify mealtime by pureeing and mashing family meals into baby-safe consistency. What Reviewers Are Saying: "Product is a must have! Easy to use & clean. Baby loves food we make with it and we love being able to all have the same food."; "I'm so happy to bought this! It is so easy to use and clean. The best part is it makes a great baby good consistency super fast! My little one enjoys the good that I make using this food mill." ($25;

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Best Baby Food Makers BEABA Babycook Baby Food Maker photo

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BEABA Babycook Baby Food Maker

The super-sleek and trendy BEABA Babycook baby food maker comes in several color options (including this gorgeous rose gold!), can be used one-handed and has tons of food prep options like steaming, chopping, blending and reheating. What Reviewers Are Saying: "My daughter-in-law loves using this baby food maker that I bought for her. She said it helps her to create delicious, healthy meals for my granddaughter, and it is easy to operate and to clean. This was a great investment."; "I think this is genius to have a steamer and processor in one. It is nice because I can walk away while it steams instead of manning something on the stove. It is a must if you are making your own baby food." ($150;

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Best Baby Food Makers Babymoov Duo Meal 5-in-1 Food Prep System photo

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Babymoov Duo Meal 5-in-1 Food Prep System

Make baby food prep fun and fast with this high-tech baby food maker from Babymoov. This baby food system blends and steams and offers three speeds and multipurpose blades, 10 programmable settings and makes up to 9 cups of food. What Reviewers Are Saying: "I am not a great cook but wanted to try and give my baby homemade baby food. The Duo Meal made it so simple and easy."; "If it weren't for this I wouldn't have been able to stick out the process of making my sons food. So glad I made this purchase. Not only has it been easy it's been fun." ($160;

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Best Baby Food Makers QOOC Mini Baby Food Maker photo

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QOOC Mini Baby Food Maker

QOOC's 4-in-1 mini baby food maker steams, blends, reheats and defrosts homemade baby food for your little one. It's a compact baby food system with one-handed controls, a quiet motor and comes with a spatula and cleaning brush. What Reviewers Are Saying: "I love that you can cook, purée, and reheat all in one device. It really makes clean up so much easier."; "I love this food processor so much. I have made various baby food with vegetables, fruits and meats and my baby really enjoys them."; "I bought it to make food for my baby and fell in love with it. So easy to use and clean." ($70;

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Best Baby Food Makers Infanso Baby Food Maker photo

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Infanso Baby Food Maker

The Infanso baby food maker steams, chops and purees baby food and has a self-cleaning and disinfecting function and machine-washable parts. This baby food maker has a stainless steel water tank, BPA-free plastic pieces and is FDA approved to be safe for baby. What Reviewers Are Saying: "This item is easy to use, wash, and put away. Great baby shower gift!"; "I am very happy that I bought this product because I can use this product even though my daughter gets older. Best product ever."; "I love the fact that i can steam, blend and clean it with a touch of a button." ($120;

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Best Baby Food Makers Maxkare Baby Food Maker photo

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Maxkare Baby Food Maker

This baby food maker steams and purees food in minutes, has dishwasher-safe parts and a 20 oz. capacity for batches. It has settings for different textures of food, from finely pureed to small chunks, so you can meet baby's needs at every stage. What Reviewers Are Saying: "The design of this baby machine is so great and beautiful. It is easy to use. We can made healthy bay food every day."; "It is very hard to find an aesthetically designed baby food maker which is also durable and easy to use. Excellent product."; "if you're looking to save on time making your own baby food, this unit is definitely worth the price. Others do the same and are way more expensive." ($80;

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