These 7 Hacks are the Secret for a Mess-Free Mealtime

Your time with your kids is valuable, so don't waste extra minutes or effort cleaning up after feedings. From bibs to dishware, make mealtime more enjoyable for both you and baby. With the help of these seven uniquely designed products, you can prevent mealtime messes.

Baby girl eating in a high chair
OXO Tot Training plate with removable ring in pink from Buy Buy Baby photo

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OXO Tot Plate

Keep your toddler's food contained with a non-slip OXO Tot Plate. A lip around the plate minimizes messes while helping your little one guide food onto utensils. The ring can also be removed as your child grows. ($7;

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Burt's Bees Baby Face and Hand Cloths photo

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Cleansing Cloths

Make cleanup quick and easy with natural baby wipes. Fragrance-free, ultra-soft cloths can be used on the road during snack time or even at home. They're gentle on sensitive skin and safe to use on infants or children from head to toe. ($6;

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KidKusion gummi placemat in four colors from Bed Bath & Beyond photo

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Kids Placemat

Insert this textured placemat to fit the shape of your child's high chair tray and provide a non-slip surface. After mealtime, remove the placemat and give it a quick wash for a simple cleanup. ($8 each;

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Tommee Tippee drip catcher bibs in four colors from Bed Bath & Beyond photo

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Drip Catcher Bib

This flexible bib is comfortable for babies to wear, but also practical with a handy pouch that catches any food that might miss your little one's mouth. Even as your infant wiggles around, the food remains in the spill pocket. After mealtime, rinse the bib and it's ready for the next use. ($8 each;

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Ezpz baby placement in sage green from Crate and Barrel photo

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Happy Mat

This mom-approved silicone placemat suctions to your child's high chair tray. Silicone does not support the growth of mold or bacteria, and any messes that your child makes can be easily washed away. The best part? It's microwave and dishwasher safe. ($20;

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Kushies Chevron Cleanbib with sleeves in green photo

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Chevron Cleanbib with Sleeves

Most suitable for 12-to-24-month-olds, this innovative long-sleeved bib keeps your kiddo's clothes clean. An easy-to-fasten closure, spill pocket, and waterproof material make cleanup a breeze. (From $11;

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NumNum baby utensil set from Buy Buy Baby photo

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2-Piece Utensil Set

The perfect tool to help your little ones learn how to feed themselves: The NumNum Dual-Stage Utensil Set. Uniquely designed with soft, textured materials, the utensils comfort teething babies while also teaching them how to self-feed. The NumNum utensil has channels that trap food, meaning a baby just has to dip and eat. ($10,

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