10 Tools & Accessories for Making Your Own Baby Food

Nutrient-rich routines for your future foodie start with wholesome baby food. From baby food makers and accessories to where to find baby food recipes, we'll help you discover the tools you need for homemade baby food.

Before starting your little one on solid foods, be sure to talk with your pediatrician about meal safety and foods to avoid.


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Babycook Pro Baby Food Maker

Ah, yes, those magic words, "all-in-one." For busy parents who want to make their baby's food but have limited time (let's all raise our hands), the BEABA Babycook Pro Baby Food Maker is the one-stop-shop for meal prep. It lets you steam, blend, reheat, and then repeat for next time, thanks to its quick and easy cleanup. The baby food maker can handle multiple meal preparations, over 4.5 cups at a time, and even reheat baby's thawed food. It's also BPA-free. There are plenty of things to worry about as a new parent. Making your own baby food shouldn't be one of them. ($150; bedbathandbeyond.com)

all-in-one baby food maker

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OXO Tot Mash Maker Baby Food Mill

Between doing your best to keep baby safe (when did THAT outlet get there?) and attempting to get a minute of shut-eye while baby naps, it's hard enough to get a sensible meal on the table for yourself, let alone a separate one for your tiny babe. Thankfully, with the right tools, you can feed your mini-me almost any meal you are enjoying. (Here's a refresher on foods you shouldn't feed baby.) It's a great opportunity to expose them to a variety of flavors. While that may sound easier said than done, the Mash Maker Baby Food Mill lets you take food from your own plate and, in just a few moments, turn it into a safe consistency for baby food. You can even feed your kiddo with a spoon directly from the dispenser. Your little food lover will be saying, "num-num," in no time. ($25; jet.com)

quick & easy baby food "mash maker"

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3-Cup Complete Food Maker

Food pouches have become popular with moms and dads who are always on the go. They're a quick and easy solution to solving hunger, they take up little space in a diaper bag or purse, and they're essentially mess-free. Think you can only benefit from this new way of feeding if you buy pre-packaged packets in the store? Not so. Many blenders can quickly become baby food pouch makers, thanks to reusable baby food pouches. If you want wholesome, homemade baby food to be accessible while on the go, look no further than food pouches. ($130; buybuybaby.com)

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Baby Bullet Baby Food Maker Set

New to making your own baby food? Have no fear. The Baby Bullet Baby Food Maker is here. This 20-piece set has everything you need to get started with homemade baby food. From the storage containers and two different blender blades to a user manual and cookbook, you can begin making your own baby food as soon as you open the box. Multiple meals can be made in just minutes and clean up is quick and easy. Bonus: The set includes a "pocket nutritionist" with info on which foods you might want to be organic, how to choose the freshest produce, what to avoid the first year, and more. Now, start making your grocery list. You've got a hungry little kiddo with a big appetite waiting. ($60; walmart.com)

homemade baby food starter kit

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KitchenAid 2-Speed Hand Blender

Kitchen cupboards always seem to be at a premium, but once baby joins the family, shelf space becomes even more in demand. From baby bottles and drying racks to sippy cups and kid-friendly plates, already full cupboards become a tight squeeze for small appliances. The KitchenAid Empire Red 2-Speed Hand Blender proves that good things, including baby food blenders, come in small packages. It packs the power to puree, blend, and crush food yet takes up about the space of a rolling pin. ($40; crateandbarrel.com)

space saving baby food blender

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The Wholesome Baby Food Guide

Once you have the right tools, the real fun begins; it's time to make your own baby food. For this, you must decide which wholesome foods, from pears and bananas to carrots and squash, to prepare. Whether you opt for fresh, organic foods or whatever is leftover from your own meal, baby food cookbooks help identify which foods are appropriate for your little taste-tester, as well as how to properly prepare them. The Wholesome Baby Food Guide is jam-packed with 150 delicious and healthy baby food recipes. ($8; amazon.com)

must-see baby food recipes

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4-Ounce Baby Food Storage Set

You've gone to the time and effort to make plenty of homemade baby food. Now, don't let that wholesome food spoil and go to waste. The Sage Spoonfuls 4 Ounce Baby Food Storage Set offers six containers that are all BPA-free, leak-proof, top-rack dishwasher safe, and microwave safe. It also comes with labels so you can mark what's inside along with the expiration date. When stockpiling baby food, it's important to remember safe storing practices. Keep baby food in the refrigerator for no more than three days. If freezing baby food, make sure to fill containers only three-fourths full, as food will expand when frozen. ($17; jet.com)

safe baby food storage

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