The Walmart Baby Box Will Provide You With Great Samples For Your Newborn

Walmart's Baby Box is about to make your life so much easier!

Walmart Baby Box photo

The Walmart Baby Box Will Provide You With Great Samples For Your Newborn

If you're pregnant you likely already know just how many baby products are on the market—and if you don't, get ready to be amazed. There are so many products for babies that the number has got to be somewhere in the 1000s, and because companies are making new ones every day, it's understandable that expectant parents might not know where to begin. When you begin to create your baby registry for your new bundle of joy, you might need a bit of help in choosing the right products. Walmart's Baby Registry will help you every step of the way by creating a pre-populated list of items that are easy to edit and replace. Of course, a few perks to make the process that much more fun is great too! In addition to helping you create an amazing registry, Walmart will provide families with curated samples for your new life with baby with a free Baby Box. The Baby Box is a gift provided to families once they create a registry at Walmart and it includes 12 samples from Dr. Brown's, Aveeno Baby, Pampers and more! Also, Walmart included their handy buying guide on big ticket items like car seats and strollers. It includes useful information on weight, safety features and age recommendations.

You are going to be snapping a ton of pictures during the first year of your baby's life, and Walmart has got you covered there, too! In the Baby Box, you'll find monthly milestone cards for each month of your baby's first year as well as five moment cards that say things like "I Crawled Today," "I Walked Today" and more!

This gift from Walmart will help you make informed purchases on the products that are right for your baby and let you try out and discover new products before you buy them!