Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue Water Filtration Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner W. Shampooer Air Purifier & Attachments

The Ocean Blue Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner comes standard with a 5-Year limited motor/2-year limited body warranty and uses highly efficient water filtration which is the most hygienic filtration system available today, and is one of the most powerful bagless canister vacuums on the market with an amazing 130 CFM of power! Combine all of this with the included Ocean Blue Purifier Humidifier/Diffuser and 2 bottles of essential oils, your home will be the cleanestcluded Ocean Blue Purifier Humidifier/Diffuser and 2 bottles of essential oils, your home will be the cleanest it has ever been and smell great day after day.ADVANCED FILTRATION - The Ocean Blue uses a state of the art water filtration system which captures dust and dirt in its high capacity 2 Quart dust bin, which means less frequent trips to the garbage bin. With water filtration technology, you get the most hygienic filtration system available in vacuums today and it ensures dirt is never reintroduced back into your home. This unique system is one of the best filtration systems on the market and is perfect for any home and is also a must have for pet owners.POWERFUL - 7-Piece Pro tool kit and deep cleaning High-End wide-path electric power-nozzle kit with on/off button to easily switch between carpet and hard-floor surfaces to reduce the number of times you are switching to different tools each time you vacuum a new surface and a powerful headlight to see make sure you pick up every last bit of dirt even in the darkest corners. Also uses the Electric Mini Turbo Brush which works just like the large electric power nozzle and is the best tool for cleaning stairs and upholstery with pet hair build up. All of this combined with 130cfm of power makes the Ocean Blue one of the most versatile vacuums you can buy.A TOOL FOR EVERY JOB - Uses the 32mm Ocean Blue 7-Piece Pro tool kit which includes: Duster Brush for all your dusting needs, from furniture and baseboards to ceiling fans and air vents, the Crevice Tool to clean those hard to reach areas in between couch cushions and the edges of your floors, the Upholstery Tool which works great on all your couches/chairs, and is perfect for your car, and the floor tool, which is the perfect tool for all your hard floor surfaces. Also includes the Hand Held Shampooer for shampooing your cars interior or homes upholstery. Also includes the Mini electric head, Squeegee tool for wet pickup and refrigerator coil cleaner.WET & DRY PICKUP/SHAMPOOING - With the Ocean Blue, you can use the included Wet Pickup hose to extract water from any surface and shampoo with the included Prolux shampooing system. Also use the included Squeegee tool to mop and clean your hard floor surfaces and use the wet pickup feature to leave your floors clean and dry. Most importantly the Ocean Blue comes with the Prolux Storm Carpet Shampooing System. This shampooing system works together with the awesome cleaning power of your Ocean Blue vacuum to give you professional cleaning results without the expense of a paying a carpet cleaning company. read more