Drawing Paper Ream, Heavyweight, 12" x 18", White, 500 Sheets

Pacon Drawing Paper, Manila, Lightweight,  9" x 12", 500 Sheets500 loose leaf sheets of high quality manila drawing paperFor beginning drawing and sketchingMedium tooth is perfect for all types of dry mediaAcid free and lignin freeDesigned for crayons, colored pencils, lightweight markers, and pens Won't bleed or run Perfect paper for fun on-the-go art activities and crafts for kidsDrawing paper has similar weight to construction paper Perfect for home, office or clities and crafts for kidsDrawing paper has similar weight to construction paper Perfect for home, office or classroom use How to Become Better at Drawing:1. Learn how to hold your pencilPlace the pencil between your forefinger and thumb on your dominant hand. Try holding it about a fourth of the way up from the tip. For basic drawing, you don’t want to hold your pencil too close to the tip or you won’t be able to move it enough, while holding it too far back won’t give you enough control. Maintain a loose enough grip so that you can move your fingers, hand, and wrist.2. Practice basic techniques Practice drawing basic shapes freehand. A lot of what you draw is essentially made up of shapes like circles, ovals, squares, rectangles, and triangles. Your art will incorporate these shapes in different ways to form an image. Practice shading. Fill a sheet of UCreate drawing paper with 2 centimeter boxes and number them off. Leave the first block blank, then very lightly shade the first block. As you continue to each new block, make it a darker shade until the last box is colored in black, creating a shading gradient reference guide. 3. Draw what you see around youThe best way to improve your drawing abilities is going back to the basics! Find an ordinary object around you and begin drawing it. Look at how the light source casts a shadow on and around the object. You can tell where a light source is coming from because the shadow will be pointing opposite the light, and this will help you to understand how to shade an object and incorporate depth. Consider proportions and dissect the object into the basic shapes you practiced before. Use with other Pacon Products: KolorFast TissueFadeless Bulletin Board PaperBordette Decorative BordersCreativity Street- Craft Basics, Glue, Scissors etc.Classroom Keepers Storage and Organization ProductsGoWrite Dry Erase ProductsSpectra GlitterSpectra Bleeding Art TissueArt1st Art PapersArt Kraft Duo-Finish Kraft PaperCorobuff Corrugated PaperTrait-tex YarnFor fun arts and crafts ideas, connect with Pacon: - paconcorpPinterest - PaconYoutube - PaconCorporation read more