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Essentials Bundle for Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX1, RX1R, RX1R II Digital Camera with NP-BX1 Battery & Charger + HDMI Cable + Tele/Wide Lenses + 3 UV/ND8/CPL Filters Kit

2.5x Telephoto + .45x Wide-Angle Digital Lenses Extend your Telephoto, Wide Angle + Macro capabilities These handy lenses have been designed to enhance your wide angle, telephoto and macro capabilities, while maintaining the full autofocus and auto exposure operations of your camera. Construction from durable, lightweight aluminum, these attachments easily fit to the front of most small-diameter lenses with a filter thread, and are themselves threaded to accept filtit to the front of most small-diameter lenses with a filter thread, and are themselves threaded to accept filters for further creative effects and picture control. The all-glass lens elements are fully coated to reduce reflections and flare, and will match the optical quality of todays high-performance digital cameras and camcorders. Each lens is supplied with front and rear lens caps, and soft case for protection. These lenses will fit the following filter mounts: 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm NOTE: These add-on lenses work best with standard focal length lenses, such as 18-55mm lenses included with most DSLR cameras. 2.5x Telephoto Lens: When your camera cant get you close enough to capture the action in detail, this 2.5x Telephoto lens will bring the action to you! Optically multiplying the focal length of your cameras lens by a factor of 2.5, it more than doubles your telephoto magnification and detail without any pixelization. This is dramatically better than the Digital Zoom feature of many cameras where the magnification is obtained by merely enlarging the existing image, resulting in a loss of sharpness. This 2.5x telephoto attachment is perfect for all your long-distance imaging including sports, candids, surveillance, nature and wildlife. You will also be able to utilize your cameras macro capability at over twice the usual distance, allowing for easier subject lighting with less shadows and intrusion. 0.45x Wide Angle Lens: When youve run out of room, and cant possibly fit anything else into the frame, this 0.45x Wide Angle adapter will allow you to capture it all! This attachment more than doubles your camer read more