Pro-Ject Streaming Media Player (Stream Box DS+ (silver))

The Stream Box DS+ is a fully-equipped preamplifier and audio streaming client that allows you to access all of your favorite digital music without the need for cables. Couple that wireless connectivity with high-quality audio components and you’re left with a music streamer capable of serving up your entire music collection as you’ve never heard it before. Able to pull media from any music server attached to your home network (computers, NAS drives, etc.), the StreAble to pull media from any music server attached to your home network (computers, NAS drives, etc.), the Stream Box DS+ natively supports music streaming from services such as Spotify, Tidal, and a bevy of internet radio stations. When paired with the recommended third-party music server software, Jam cast, any music that can be played through your computer can also be streamed directly to the Stream Box DS+. In addition to functioning as a preamplifier and media streamer, the high-quality Texas Instruments PCM 1796 D/A chip acts as a standalone 24bit/192kHz DAC for any digital audio source while keeping internal distortion and noise levels incredibly low. A fixed-level preamp output can send audio playback to any external power amplifier and two additional analog inputs can be connected to form a complete hifi system. The full-color 3.5” LCD display and included IR remote allow you to navigate through multiple folders and devices with ease, and a dedicated Box Control smartphone app is available for both Android and iOS devices. With the hardware to provide reliable connectivity and high-quality audio playback and the software to provide a seamless music listening experience, the Stream Box DS+ is the perfect streaming solution for navigating the modern musical landscape. read more