Flat TV Wall Mount for 37" - 100" Screens ProMounts

Change the way you view television. Remove the simple and outdated plastic stands that come with your display. Lift your viewing experience from the table to new heights with a UF-PRO640 Large Flat Mount.Built with quality in mind, the UF-PRO640 is a flat TV wall mount that supports most 37”-75” displays weighing up to 143lbs. The unique design of the UF-PRO640’s universal mounting brackets means that display compatibility is almost guaranteed. For precise com-PRO640’s universal mounting brackets means that display compatibility is almost guaranteed. For precise compatibility, simply check your display’s VESA pattern against the VESA range listed here. If your display’s VESA matches or falls within the range shown, then your display is compatible. It’s that easy.Made for a modern lifestyle, the UF-PRO640 has built-in features that help you get the most out of your display. A fully assembled, open-back wall-plate allows for easy cable threading and management, keeping cords out of the way and out of view. This function also ensures that your cables will remain in pristine condition, which will keep the picture quality sharp and provide a pleasurable viewing experience. An audible locking system and quick release pull-tabs offer a way to easily install, adjust, or remove your display from the wall-plate without hassle. Depending on your wall type, the UF-PRO640 also gives you the option to shift your TV for perfect placement, even with off-center studs (consult your installation/user manual for more information.) Having a level display is essential and the UF-PRO640’s post-installation leveling feature allows for the correction of slight misalignments that can occur during installation.The UF-PRO640 is sleek, stylish and slim in design. A high quality black matte finish gives a modern look and its slim depth places your display just 1.5” from the wall, making your TV the focal point of the area, while hiding the hardware. The UF-PRO640 flat mount is best utilized in areas or areas with a set viewing angle where the display is to remain fixed in place and screen glare is not an issue. If your space has a higher or multiple viewing angles, we recommend a tilt or articulating mount instead. ProMounts read more