Rainbow Braid

Premium 30 Animal Collectible Set of Adorable Japanese Style Novelty Erasers - Amazing Variety with No Duplicates - Puzzle Toys Best for Party Favors w/ Bonus 120 Collectible Animal Stickers

Designed with kids help, this adorable pack of 30 animal erasers will have your kids bouncing off the walls... My kids had been going crazy over cute erasers. But often when ordering other brands there were not enough animals, many duplicates in the pack or issues with the quality of the erasers. My kids wanted more erasers that were better quality than what we'd been seeing in many sets so I quizzed them on exactly what they'd like to see and we found a way to get we'd been seeing in many sets so I quizzed them on exactly what they'd like to see and we found a way to get super premium erasers that are still at an affordable price. After getting the kids seal of approval Rainbow Braid collectible erasers were born! When designing these eraser packs it was important to us that everybody receive the same thing instead of just getting lumped with random selections like we have seen with competitors. It was also important to have a fun variety of premium quality erasers so that the kids had more options for play and swap with friends. These are also fantastic party favors, stocking stuffers and gifts. The Animal Friends 30 Pack of Collectible Rainbow Braid Erasers includes the following friends: kangaroo, giraffe, elephant, kitty, dinosaur egg, pig, donkey, penguin, polar bear, teddy, monkey, standing bear, tiger, dolphin, frog, hamster, tortoise, whale, duck, sea lions, ladybug, lion, unicorn, rhino, cat, owl dog, pig. I've done my best to ensure high quality control however as these are made individually by hand I am offering a never before seen eraser guarantee. In the unlikely event you are not happy with your pack, just let the manufacturer know within 365 days and we will be happy to provide you with a full refund. I know you're going to LOVE these erasers so I'm making it super easy for you to take them for a test drive. So what are you waiting for? Click the buy button now and get your hands on these collectible erasers before we run out again! read more