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Robinson's Aluminum Pro pinions feature lightweight aluminum construction with an added hard coating that produces extra strenght ...and less friction. These pinions also feature a hollowed out core that reduces rotating mass for improv- ed acceleration and deceleration. Available in 48 pitch from 12 to 35 tooth sizes, and in 64 pitch in 16 to 47 tooth sizes. KPM 1/15/92 YOU WILL RECEIVE: 1 64pitch pinion 39 teeth 1 4-40 set screw REQUIREMENTS: 0.050 size hex wrench such as GPMR8000. COMMENTS: This is the "Silencer Series" pinions. Replacement set screws RRPC1000. update AXY 7/26/94 & read more


This is the 48 pitch 37 tooth Hard Nickel Plated Pinion Gear from Robinsion Racing Products. FEATURES: Hard nickel plated alum ste...el construction Fits motors with 1/8 diameter output shaft YOU WILL RECEIVE: 48 pitch 37 tooth Pinion Gear 5-40 Set Screw REQUIREMENTS: 1/16 allen wrench (GPMR8006) to tighten set screw jxs 02/11/13ir/jxs & read more


This is the optional Robinson Racing 18 Tooth Pinion Gear for the Traxxas Revo, Revo 3.3, and T-Maxx 3.3. FEATURES: Extra hardened... steel construction for durability Precision made For use in extreme conditions YOU WILL RECEIVE: One 18 tooth pinion gear One 4x4mm set screw REQUIREMENTS: Installation onto the motor shaft SPECIFICATIONS: Length: .48" (12.2mm) Mounting hole diameter: 5mm COMMENTS: Also available is a: 12 tooth pinion RRPC1212 13 tooth pinion RRPC1213 14 tooth pinion RRPC1214 15 tooth pinion RRPC1215 17 tooth pinion R read more


This is the Robison Racing Hardened Steel 1.0 Mod 46T Spur Gear for use on the HPI 1/8 Savage X 4.6 RTR Nitro Truck FEATURES: Hard...ened steel construction YOU WILL RECEIVE: One 46T 1.0 Mod Spur Gear RRP Decals REQUIREMENTS: Installation on the vehicle SPECIFICATIONS: Outer Diameter: 50mm (2") Inner Diameter: 8mm (0.31") Width: 9mm (0.35") Teeth: 46 cnh 4/10/09 & read more


This is a 48 pitch pinion gear made out of an alloy steel material. Available in sizes from 12 to 35 teeth choose the number that ...will work best for you. KPM 1/14/92 & read more


This is the Steel Clutch Bell/Spur Gear Combo set for the HPI Savage truck. FEATURES: Steel construction Natural steel color YOU W...ILL RECEIVE: One spur gear One clutch bell Two small Robinson Racing Products decals REQUIREMENTS: Removal of stock parts for assembly SPECIFICATIONS: Teeth count on spur gear: 52 teeth Spur gear outer diameter: 53.3mm (2.10") Spur gear inner diameter: 8.0mm (.315") Spur gear thickness at teeth: 6.6mm (.261") Teeth count on Clutch bell: 14 teeth Clutch bell bearing journal diameter: 10mm (.394") Clutch bell outer diameter: 28mm (1.10") Clutch bell inner diameter: 7.9mm (.311") COMMENTS: InstructionsFeaturesFor the HPI Racing Savage52-turn spur/14-turn bell comboBuilt from steel and sure to last for many trouble-free hoursThanks for shoppingShipping weight: 3 pounds read more