Sakura 46688 Blister Card Slim Barrel Solid Marker, Yellow

Solid marker slim is known in the industrial world as the tough marker for tough jobs. Now, Sakura is pleased to offer this solidified paint stick in a slimmer barrel and tip for smaller marks and home use. Solid marker marks virtually any surface, anywhere and at any angle. It can mark through dust, rust and water. This easy twist action solid marker paint stick dries within minutes and is permanent once dry. It won’t fade or wash off like chalk and is ideal for usstick dries within minutes and is permanent once dry. It won’t fade or wash off like chalk and is ideal for use on wood, cloth and canvas, plastic, steel and iron, rubber, cardboard, glass and concrete. Solid marker slim is quick-drying and virtually odorless. Working temperature range: 14-degree F to 392-degree F. Alcohol based cleaners will remove the paint from non-porous surfaces. Prevent graffiti: This product is intended for home use only. Applicable for Label trash cans or plastic bins, mark dates of purchase on metal paint cans, mark the date your water heater was installed and month to change HVAC filters, Touch up chips, scratches or rust marks on black wrought iron gates, white fences and window frame trim, Mark your name on folding chairs, tables and other plastic patio furniture, Mark larger outdoor tools and equipment (i.e. Shovels, picks, crow bar, pole diggers, lawn mower and gasoline container) with your name, touch up raised lettering on tires or mark snow tires with mounting location, identify cable lines showing where they connect, mark PVC piping for irrigation systems and drainage to identify pipes, create permanent hop-scotch or 4-square on asphalt or concrete, draw an arrow on your gas meter to indicate which way to turn off the gas, mark terra-cotta pots and plastic tags with plant names and paint stepping stones with designs. Technical qualities are solidified paint marks smoothly from the first stroke, twist-action paint advance and secure capping, dries permanent, waterproof and fade-resistant, marks on almost any surface, through rust, dust and water. Available in yellow color. read more