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Simple Craft Ideas (A Coloring book for Preschool Children): This book has 50 extra-large pictures with thick lines to promote error free coloring to

A Coloring book for Preschool Children by Dr. James ManningHave you been looking for a fun and mentally engaging way to help your child develop and fine tune their fine motor skills? Need a simple yet exciting way to help your kindergartener learn the basics of drawing and pen movement? Let Your Child Discover a World of Possibility and Imagination These kindergarten worksheets are a fantastic way to help get your children or students get interested in the wonderfuldergarten worksheets are a fantastic way to help get your children or students get interested in the wonderful and creative world of drawing, while also teaching them the basics of how to use a pen and pencil by having them trace fun yet simple patterns. This simple exercise helps them develop their fine motor skills by practicing how to draw and trace when their attention to learn and use a pen or pencil is at its strongest. Each coloring book contains 50 pages, each with their own unique coloring poster for you to color in. The coloring posters feature simple yet complex enough designs that are made to help each your kindergartener the basics of pen and pencil movement while also providing them the freedom to trace and color in the designs at their own pace and leisure. As the child completes one of the coloring posters in our coloring book, we recommend giving them a reward to help encourage their creativity as well as stimulate their desire to continue developing. Need more reasons to choose us? Comes with 9 kindergarten worksheet book pdfs for you to download Our coloring books for kids are a great way for parents and teacher to bond with their children and understand their creative process Offers a fun experience that’s engaging and helpful towards your young child’s development Click the “Add to Cart” button and let your child learn the fundamental basics of pencil and pen movement in a fun and engaging way with our Kindergarten Worksheets, today! Technical Details This book has 50 black and white activity worksheets for preschool children. This will help your child to develop his/her fine motor skill, gross motor skills and sustain attention. The price of this book includes permission to download 9 other books in the series in a PDF format for free. Details about a) how PDFs can be downloaded and b) where the password can be found are inside the book. Book Features Soft bound Worksheets can be printed using the PDFs provided. This means that your child can start again on a worksheet if they choose. Parents and teachers can also print out worksheets on thicker paper if required. 50 black and white worksheets 8.5 inches by 11.0 inches 200gms cover Makes an excellent gift Password for PDF downloads is located on page 16 read more