1' L x 24" W Peel and Stick Wallpaper Panel Spoonflower

Our wallpaper is a woven textured polyester fabric with an adhesive backing. It is removable (and repositionable) making it great for covering walls and an array of craft and decorating projects. Peel and Stick is easy to cut, customize, and install onto any smooth surface, making it perfect for accent walls, cut and stick decals, and quick décor updates. Featured Design: Ikat Dove Circle Monochrome Circles Graphic Mod‚¬Â Ãƒâ€¦Ã‚¡Ãƒâ€šÃ‚©cor updates. Featured Design: Ikat Dove Circle Monochrome Circles Graphic Modern Neutral Mod Grey Boho White by Domesticate. Vertical repeat: 12 inches SIZING & ORDERING TIPS Each roll has a fixed 24in width and is designed to be installed as a panel, side-by-side. We include a 3/4in of overlap down the right side of the roll, to make matching up the pattern easy! What Roll Size Should I Select? Choose the option that most closely matches the height of your wall, rounded up to the nearest foot. How Many Rolls Should I Order? Take the width of your wall in feet, and divide by 2, always rounding up to the nearest foot. Example: A wall that is 8ft high by 10ft wide would require 5 rolls of the [108in L x 24in W] size. We highly recommend ordering the [12in L x 24in W] size before committing to full-size panels. It's possible that the finished product may be slightly different than it appears in the preview. It is also important to test the adhesive on your unique surface. CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Gently wipe down with a damp cloth. The use of cleaner or heavy rubbing can cause color to lift. Peel & Stick Wallpaper is not recommended for use in nurseries, Consider our Water-Activated Removable Wallpapers instead. Spoonflower read more