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The House of Cavendish-Out Roads: A Tale of Love, Sexuality, Intrigue, and Murder Malcolm Brocklehurst Author

Henry Cavendish, an Elizabethan aristocrat, is a young man with an eye for the ladies who has no plans to settle down.Cavendish visits Derby to arrange the design for his mother's mausoleum. There he meets the beautiful and beguiling Sylvia, daughter of a vicar. The couple begin a passionate and tumultuous love affair. Sylvia becomes pregnant and Henry, the ever-illusive bachelor, provides her with a manor in which to raise their illegitimate son, Robert. The two coever-illusive bachelor, provides her with a manor in which to raise their illegitimate son, Robert. The two continue their love affair for sixteen years, witnessing the turmoil of Elizabethan politics, the imprisonment of Mary Queen of Scots and the persecution of Catholics. The serendipitous meeting between these two-star crossed lovers creates a dynasty that survives the reformation, the civil war, the plague and the fire of London. Cavendish's illegitimate heir amasses a considerable fortune, but at what cost? The House of Cavendish-Out Roads is a wicked and delicious romp through the goings-on's of the wealthy during the 16th century and 17th centuries. Brocklehurst brings his characters to life while weaving significant, historical events through a complex and sharply-tuned plotline. Loosely based on true-life events from his ancestry, readers are in for a first-rate historical romance/suspense novel.Malcolm Brocklehurst is a writer, poet, and retired quality control consultant. He is currently employed as a part time technical author while writing the sequels to his novel in his spare time. Malcolm is a published author with a book, The Secret History of Christianity. He lives with his wife, Mary, in the United Kingdom.Publisher's website: tml read more