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Broken Hearts Bob Levy Author

Adam Baldwin, in the middle of his seventh term as a United States Senator, is at the pinnacle of his career. And he is the front-runner for his party's nomination for President at the looming Democratic National Convention. But a dark cloud hangs over his head. There is a seemingly far-fetched accusation that the candidate murdered a young woman decades before when in college. This is scoffed at by the local police, but when a suspicious explosion kills the accuserore when in college. This is scoffed at by the local police, but when a suspicious explosion kills the accuser's family, the curiosity of the retired Memphis Chief of Police, Joe O'Riley, a high school classmate of Baldwin's, is aroused. O'Riley senses truth in the allegations, especially after a woman reports knowledge of the same murder. Yet, how could the man who made the accusation and this woman know such vivid details of the murder when neither was alive at the time it happened? And how could they know details of O'Riley's past known only to himself? Might all this be a link to an unsolved missing person case, O'Riley's first as a rookie cop, that had haunted him his whole career? Death and destruction stalk the couple as O'Riley jumps into the fray, determined to find out the truth before the country elects a murderer as the next President of the United States. Past Tense is a sequel to Bob Levy's previous work, the highly successful suspense thriller, Broken Hearts from Sunstone Press. He is also the author of From the Coin's Point of View, a Roman history/short story collection. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia. A retailer by trade with Oak Hall, a specialty clothing store founded by his great-great-grandfather in 1859, the author resides in Memphis, Tennessee. John Grisham said: Bob Levy weaves a delightful tale of suspense and mystery, and the pages go flying by, and Library Bookwatch reported that it was ...a well crafted, exciting and suspenseful tale. Also highly recommended is Levy's suspense novel 'Broken Hearts.' read more