Surya Athena ATH-5008 Area Rug - ATH5008-1014

Floral design in tan and grey. Made of 100% wool. Hand-tufted construction. Made in India. Your choice of rug size. Size: 12 x 15 ft.,3 x 12 ft.,6 x 9 ft.,8 x 10 ft. Oval,9.75 ft. Round,2 x 4 ft. Hearth,4 ft. Square,6 ft. Square,8 ft. Square,1.5 ft. Corner Sample,4 x 6 ft.,6 x 9 ft. Oval,8 x 11 ft.,9.75 ft. Square,10 x 14 ft.,2.5 x 8 ft.,5 x 8 ft.,7.5 x 9.5 ft.,9 x 12 ft.,2 x 3 ft.,4 ft. Round,6 ft. Round,8 ft. Round.