Swagtron K5 3-Wheel Kids Scooter with Light-Up Wheels ASTM-Certified

Swagtron K5 3-Wheel Kids Scooter with Light-Up Wheels | Quick Assembly | ASTM-Certified | Height-Adjustable for Boys or Girls Ages 3+ Keep your kids active, playing and growing with the K5 three-wheel kids' scooter from Swagtron. Easy to balance, fun to ride and, more importantly, ASTM-certified. The K5 is a great beginner scooter for growing boys and girls ages three and up. More than just a toy, scooters like the K5 are a great way to keep your children excited abages three and up. More than just a toy, scooters like the K5 are a great way to keep your children excited about getting active and staying active, whether they're a first-time rider, or they've graduated from our K2 toddler scooter.This portable scooter offers a better ride for young and first-time riders. An extra-wide deck and low profile provide extra foot-balance. And gliding on the K5 is a smooth and stable experience, thanks to its three-wheel construction ? two 4.7-inch front wheels and a single 3-inch rear wheel. And while in motion, the wheels light up with eye-popping, attention-grabbing colors, making for an exciting ride.Controlling the K5 is completely natural. A unique pivot-turning system lets your kid turn with very little effort, either by moving the stem or slightly shifting their weight. Either way, barely any pressure is required to turn the K5. In this way, these kids three-wheel scooter carves much like a skateboard. When they need to stop, they just press down on the rear brake. Easy-peasy!Your child will love their K5 for years to come. Made from durable materials? weather-resistant nylon deck, aluminum-alloy stem, polyurethane wheels? the K5 can handle anything your kid throws at it. As they grow, simply adjust the scooter to grow with them using its adjustable locking stem. Simply press in on the ball bearing and move the stem up and down until it matches your child's height. But what good is an amazing toy if it takes forever to put together? We've taken care of that for you. Assembling the K5 is quick and easy, without complicated instructions or extra parts to lose. Just pop in the stem, choose a height and this is ready to ride*. Durable, stable and certified kid-friendly. Best of all, the K5 exceeds ASTM F963 standard consumer safety specification for toy safety for worry-free play*. *Kids should always wear protective gear while riding the K5. This includes, but is not limited to, age-appropriate knee-pads, elbow pads, and ASTM-certified helmets. read more