Swisstek SK57743L Limited Edition Swiss Diamond Watch With Mother-Of-Pearl Dial, Genuine Crocodile Strap And Sapphire Crystal

Meticulously set with 58 of the finest natural diamonds totaling at 0.73 carat weight, the sophisticated and versatile Swisstek Purus is the perfect combination of classic features and modern design. The modern look contrasted with vintage spirit bridges the gap between traditions and self-expressions. The timeless Swisstek Purus is crafted with a genuine mother-of-pearl dial, genuine hypo-allergenic crocodile strap, and is protected with a scratch-resistant genuinether-of-pearl dial, genuine hypo-allergenic crocodile strap, and is protected with a scratch-resistant genuine sapphire crystal. The exceptional feature of Purus is its unique dome sapphire crystal, hand carved from a single block of naturally resilient sapphire. The contoured casement is remarkably slim to ensure a sleek and elegant fit. The elegant expression of Swisstek Purus makes this a versatile timepiece for refined tastes and is limited to only 100 pieces worldwide.Swisstek Womens Collection:A dream in fine jewelry for that very special woman, unique timepieces that transform into bejeweled wrist ornaments. Fascinating models that strike a stunning alliance between steel, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, present the wearer with a dazzling firework of glamour, brilliance, and luxurious extravagance.Testing and Quality Control:The stringent and systematic inspections conducted by the workshops testify to extremely high standards that guarantee the exceptional quality and reliability of each timepiece.All movements and watches are subject to a series of technical tests and visual inspections to guarantee the functional integrity, water resistance, and overall appearance. The watch runs for many hours before it leaves our workshops. It is not delivered until it thoroughly fulfills all of our quality requirements, agreed to be the most stringent in the entire watch making industry.Accuracy & Durability:The accuracy of a watch and its life span is determined by your personality, profession and your physical activity profile. For mechanical watches the sports you play and whether you take off your watch at night or wear it on the right or left wrist can influence the accuracy. Changes in position as well as variations of temperature, air pressure, magnetic fields, vibrations and many other factors may also affect the accuracy of a time keeping device.White Diamonds:Renowned for vibrant styles that blur the line between jewelry and timepiece, Swisstek’s latest luxury Swiss-made watch collections are leading the hottest timepiece trend in opulent designs featuring rare and unique gemstones and diamonds. It is important to note that Swisstek timepieces only incorporate diamonds of the finest quality. Each individual diamond that is set on a Swisstek is meticulously examined and approved by a qualified professional before ever being set on a watch. This time consuming process guarantees that each Swisstek watch is set with diamonds and gem stones of unmistakable cut, clarity and color. Diamonds have been a source of fascination and allure for centuries. They are the hardest, the most imperishable, and the most brilliant of all precious stones. The word "diamond" comes from the Greek word adamas, meaning "unconquerable". A rough diamond so resembles a common pebble that most people would pass it by without a glance. It is the skill of the Swisstek craftsmen that unlocks the fiery beauty that lies within. The knowledge required for this incredible demanding art has often been passed down over the centuries from generation to generation. read more