Activity Trackers and Fitness Wearables for Kids

Your kids will love this wearable tech, and you'll love that they're able to build healthier habits with these fun fitness and activity trackers.


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Garmin Kids Vivofit Jr. 2

Garmin's Vivofit Jr. 2 is the second-generation model of the company's activity tracker for kids. The colorful, cartoon themes will impress your kids, and the product's durability and waterproof design will impress parents. ($100;

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Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

The Zip is Fitbit's most affordable wearable activity tracker, which makes it perfect for kids. It clips on a belt loop or pocket like a traditional pedometer, but this tech allows kids to track steps taken and distance traveled, set goals, and earn badges for goals met. ($60;

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UNICEF Kid Power Band

The UNICEF Kid Power Band is wearable tech for kids that helps them do good. The water-resistant tracker was designed to help two problems at the same time: only 1 in 4 American children gets enough physical activity, while 1 in 4 children worldwide are malnutritioned. Proceeds from this tracker purchase help UNICEF deliver life-saving nutrition packages to children in need, which is something your whole family can feel great about. ($40;

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Joy Octopus Activity Tracker

Joy Octopus isn't a traditional activity tracker—instead of helping kids count steps, this watch helps schedule important activities with icons reminding children to do things like brush their teeth, feed a pet, or eat lunch. It also helps kids learn independence and time-management. This model isn't waterproof, but it is water-resistant. ($80;

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Nabi Compete Pair

Nabi Compete is designed to be sold as a two-pack of bands for fun competition between siblings or friends. Use these activity trackers to time real-distance races (like the length of the Brooklyn Bridge) or work together to burn off the amount of calories in a can of soda. This activity tracker is more than fun, it helps your kids learn about distance, exercise, and calorie intake. ($40;

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VTech Kidizoom

VTech Kidizoom is a touch-screen watch for kids that allows them to take photos and apply fun borders and effects, record their voice with five different voice effects, tell time, and play fun learning games. The band comes in four cute colors your kids will love. ($65;

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Fitbit Alta

If you have an older kid who you think is ready for a full-on fitness and activity tracker, the Fitbit Alta is a great-choice. It tracks steps and calories, has a vibrating alarm, and tracks sleep patterns. This is an especially good pick if Mom and Dad already have Fitbits, as they're designed to interact with each other and engage in friendly competition via the Fitbit app. ($130;

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