Best Blenders For Every Family Budget

With hundreds of blenders on the market, finding the right one for your family can feel overwhelming. This kitchen appliance comes in a range of different types, functions and price points—it definitely takes some consideration to be sure your pick meets your family's needs. To save you the stress and the time of scrolling the internet, we've researched dozens of blenders and rounded up the best in every category.

Best Blenders
NutriBullet NBR-1201 High-Speed Blender/Mixer System photo

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Best Personal Blender With Easy Clean Up: NutriBullet NBR-1201 High-Speed Blender/Mixer System

Whipping up a morning smoothie for just yourself? You'll want this Amazon favorite with 6,500 five-star reviews. The NutriBullet Blender is known for its easy cleanup and satiny-smooth liquid results. Equipped with special patented nutrient extractors that grind down your veggies and fruit —skin, stems and all—you can get the most nutrients out of your produce, too. Apart from your morning smoothie, a personal blender of this size is ideal for pureeing sauces, or making homemade spreads like hummus and nut butter for the whole family. ($50;


"I absolutely love this thing. I'm a big fan of juicing, but the ordeal of cleaning the juicer that I bought [was] getting time-consuming. However, with this, I can blend up just about anything and use some cheesecloth to drain the juice from the pulp. And from what I can see I get a lot more from it. I can also use this as a blender to make smoothies, I can use it to grind coffee beans, I've been making my own homemade nut butter and nut milk. I've also made my own hummus and blend up ingredients to make a smooth soup. Forget all of your other products, this is the way to go. For a single person, this makes all the difference in the world. … It's extremely easy to clean and I'm able to make two or three things at a time which allows me to have my juices for the whole day."

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Oster Versa Pro Series Blender photo

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Best Standard Blender For a Family On a Budget: Oster Versa Pro Series Blender

For a reliable blender that won't break the bank, the Oster Versa Pro Series Blender is an easy pick. It can blend smoothies, make sorbet, puree hot soup and even make nut butter. It comes with three simple programmed settings and a speed dial to adjust as needed. Some reviewers complained about its bulkiness, but it still earned a 4.1 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. ($163;


"First off, it's not a vitamix, let's get that right out there. I've owned both and unless you want to spend $500 your not going to get something with the build quality of a vitamix but with that being said, this thing performs 95% as good. Its built quite well for the price and is loaded with power. I was very impressed and did not expect the performance this this gives. It looks great, better than a vitamix in my opinion but I just don't see it out lasting the vitamix in life expectancy but that what the 7 year warranty is for. The one negative I have about this blender is the tamper that comes with it is about 1/4" too long and hits the blade, it's no big deal, I just trimmed it down but I just can't put my head around how this defect can get through all the hours of designing and testing this product must have gone through. Other than that, I absolutely love this blender."

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Infantino Squeeze Station Baby Food Maker photo

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Best Blender For Homemade Baby Food: Infantino Squeeze Station Baby Food Maker

Most standard blender picks are usually adequate for most, stirring, mixing, creaming—the basic tasks needed to make homemade baby food. But, reviewers of Infantino Squeeze Station Baby Food Maker rave about the device, because it takes things one step further. The gizmo makes homemade baby food and presses it into single-serving pouches for an easy on-the-go food solution for your baby. ($20;


"I bought item because I was tired of taking a banana and mushing it for my 8 month old baby when we went out to restaurants and she wanted to eat. I make my own baby food at home so not much of a convenient way to travel with it unless I carry Tupperware spoon and wet naps to clean bowl off and zip block bag to store the dirty utensils. I still had to get home and wash them for reuse. Exhausting, now I used this magical station that is easy to use no need to plug in anywhere, and cleaning is a breeze. I just put the containers in hot water and dapple soap w my babies other utensils. I love the pouches!!! You can freeze for 2 months, or refrigerate for 48 hours use and toss. My little one loved it and no mess ... I would highly recommend it. Money saved when you make your own food vs buying already food packaged pouches. Highly recommend this item."

"Now that my daughter is 2+, I use it to make yogurt pouches (what I was going to do today). I throw my yogurt in a food processor with a variety of fruits, blend well, fill using the squeeze station, and VOILA!! I have yogurt pouches that are good in the fridge/freezer without having to buy the ones from the store with god only knows what preservatives in it."

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Breville Super Q Blender photo

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Best Quiet Blender: Breville Super Q Blender

Whether you have a newborn upstairs or can't stand the sound of a blender first thing in the morning, the Breville Super Q Blender is for you. The blender is equipped with Breville's noise suppression technology so when its powerful 1,800W motor is in action, it won't wake up the whole house. ($500;


"First off, I was really impressed with the sleek, modern stainless steel design. One of my favorite features is the retractable power cord. I hate having cords hanging out all over my counters, so I was really impressed with this feature. Nice and Neat. I was also impressed with how quiet this blender is. I can quickly make anything from margaritas, salsa, soup, or smoothies. It's really nice that there are 4 preset buttons , the manual pulse button, a timer, and the digital display. It comes with a large blending container as well as a personal sized one. I like that you don't have to get the large one dirty just to make one shake or smoothie. Each lid has a little loop to make removing the lid easier. I like this feature because I've spilled things before trying to get the top off of my previous blender. It also includes a tamper and a scraping tool. I usually store my blender on the top shelf of my pantry but I love my Super Q Blender so much that I keep it out on the counter for all my friends and family members to see. I love showing it off!"

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PopBabies Personal USB Blender photo

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Best Portable Blender: PopBabies Personal USB Blender

Whether you're making healthy morning protein shakes or baby meals while on vacation, this compact blender is a no-brainer to bring along for the ride. It has 1,200 reviews on Amazon and can blend up to 14 ounces of everything from ice to nuts. The blender only weighs in at about 1 pound, so it won't be a burden in your baby bag or luggage. It also comes with batteries and a USB charger, so you can blend on-the-go or back in your lodging. ($37;


"Well, it's adorable. I was very happy with how it looked. So I decided to put the little blender to the test. So, the tiny cubes crushed up pretty quick. I make protein shakes, I'm always on the go. So it's easy to just throw the power in the night before, make the cubes. And by the morning I pour the milk and the cubes and run out the door. It hasn't jammed on me. I've been using it twice a day. The usb hookup is great, I can charge it anywhere. I recommend for anyone who is on the go, it blends as you run out the door."

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Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender photo

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Best Heavy Duty Blender: Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

If you find yourself in need of a heavy-duty blender to cook for a crowd, you can count on a Vitamix Professional Series Blender. It's the same blender found in many restaurant kitchens, where it's used dozens of times a day. It can also self-clean with a tad of dish soap and warm water in 60 seconds. ($600;


"I finally forked over the money to buy this "investment". I have been through many blenders before, not thinking that there was too much of a difference between brands. Boy, was I mistaken. Now all my tiny chia seeds or berries are blended nice and smooth. No more crunchy drinks when they're not suppose to be. What sold me was the easy clean up and their warranty. Should be the last blender I ever buy!"

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