The Top Nintendo Switch Games for Kids

Nintendo's latest video game console has taken the gaming world by storm with a wealth of content for everyone from seasoned gamers to younger children. Here are the best age-appropriate Switch games that kids of all ages will enjoy.


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Top Switch Games for Kids #8: LEGO City Undercover

LEGO City Undercover offers a fun storyline filled with multiple missions and side quests in the cheery world of LEGO. Kids will enjoy solving mysteries and finding collectibles as they explore an absolutely huge overworld. The game can be played alone or two players can play together through local co-op play. ($39;


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Top Switch Games for Kids #7: Arms

Select a crazy character and use your extendable arms to defeat opponents and become the champion. A game of Arms is a great way to get your kids off the couch as it allows players to throw punches using the Switch Joy-Con motion controllers (although it can be played without motion through traditional button gameplay too). The premise of Arms is straightforward and easy to learn, but great depth can be found in trying to master the complex boxing techniques. Up to four players can fight locally or online. ($59;


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Top Switch Games for Kids #6: Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 is Nintendo's family-friendly take on the popular shooter genre. The game features cute characters called Inklings that spray colored ink on surfaces, enemies, and each other. The main mode features a four-on-four online showdown in which players see which team can cover the arena with more ink. A single-player campaign and a co-op survival mode are also included. While the controls may be a bit complex for very young children, older kids will love the competitive nature of this colorful game. ($60;


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Top Switch Games for Kids #5: Overcooked

This chaotic game challenges teams of chefs to cook and serve meals to hungry patrons. Players are given tasks like chopping onions, grilling burgers, and preparing soup on a number of different stages. While the premise may seem a bit mundane, it becomes a hilarious game of hectic co-op teamwork as players try to navigate the kitchen without running into each other or burning the meal. Overcooked features a straightforward control scheme which takes just minutes to get the hang of and is a great game for two to four players looking for laughs. ($20;


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Top Switch Games for Kids #4: Super Mario Odyssey

Few games have as much polish, creativity, and fun as a Mario game. Super Mario Odyssey is a massive adventure that lets players travel to dozens of unique worlds to help rescue Princess Peach from Bowser's wedding plans. Mario games are known for having incredibly intuitive, responsive controls, and Mario Odyssey is no exception. The game is easy enough that younger kids can enjoy progressing through stages without excessive difficulty while more experienced players can challenge themselves by collecting as many Power Moons as possible. ($60;


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Top Switch Games for Kids #3: Snipperclips Plus

Characters Snip and Clip must work together to cut each other into the right shapes to solve weird challenges in this unique puzzle game. Kids will love the endless surprises Snipperclips provides as they create shapes to pop balloons, push buttons, and guide bowling balls. It may sound crazy, but it's endlessly entertaining and challenges players to work together and use creative problem-solving skills. The game won't be released for the public until November 10, but you can preorder your copy now. ($30;


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Top Switch Games for Kids #2: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

The latest racing game from the Mario Kart series is absolutely one of Nintendo's best racing games. With tons of colorful characters, 48 courses, and multiple modes, the game is packed with content. The controls are easy to learn and feature a "Smart Steering" mode that's great for helping young players stay on the road. Up to four players can race together through a local split-screen gameplay, and up to 12 can compete online. As with most Nintendo games, the online modes allow kids to play safely without the worry of negative communication thanks to a predefined messaging system. ($59;


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Top Switch Games for Kids #1: Minecraft

One of this generation's most popular games, Minecraft is a sandbox video game that allows players to let their creative juices flow by placing blocks to create objects, buildings, or worlds. Kids can also explore, gather resources, craft new materials, and fight block monsters. Multiple gameplay modes are available, including a two-player split screen mode. While Minecraft is available on nearly every digital platform available, the Switch version includes exclusive Super Mario-themed skins. ($30;