6 Electronics Essential for Family Road Trips

"Are we there yet?" will be a question of the past when your kids are equipped with the right electronics for family road trips. From tablets and e-readers to headphones and a portable DVD player, your kiddos will no longer dread car rides to visit Grandma or Aunt Mae, even when they're five states away. Pro tip: Don't forget the snacks!


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Apple iPad Mini 2

When you're getting ready to take a long road trip or car ride with your kiddos make sure you pack accordingly. This includes electronics to keep them preoccupied during the drive. An iPad is a great electronic to keep kids busy and ensure they don't get car-ride boredom. With the ability to download games, movies, music, and more, your kids will have hours of entertainment right at their fingertips. ($400; bestbuy.com)

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Canon EOS Rebel T6

Family vacations are special moments you'll want to look back on for years to come. Capture those precious moments with a Canon! This Canon EOS T6 is a high-quality SLR, digital camera that's complete with an 18 megapixel image sensor to help you take mesmerizing photos of your family enjoying time together. Built to last, this camera will help you take great photos of every occasion, from the first day of kindergarten all the way to college graduation. ($550; canon.com)

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Kid-Safe Over-the-Ear Headphones

Gone are the days when you have to listen to Finding Dory five times during long car rides. Now you can play your kiddo's favorite movie while you can listen to your audio book, thanks to the right pair of kid-friendly headphones. These wireless headphones come complete with bluetooth technology, kid-safe technology with volume control, a Micro SD card music player combo, and so much more! Available in seven different colors, these headphones are safe for children ages 3 and older. ($26; walmart.com)

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Nintendo Switch

Your kids won't mind long drives or family road trips when they have the Nintendo Switch with them. The latest gaming console from Nintendo allows kids (and adults) to play the games they want when they want. With eight pieces included, this versatile system is perfect for on-the-go families. Bonus: Check out the top eight Nintendo Switch games for kids! ($300; nintendo.com)

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Cinematix 9-Inch Portable DVD Player

Keep kids occupied and avoid typical road trip complaints when you set your children up with a portable DVD player to watch their favorite movies. With features including dual headphone jacks, a long-life rechargeable battery, and the ability to play content from DVDs, SD cards, and USB, this portable player is a must-have. ($98; target.com)

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Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

If you have a little bookworm on your hands, make traveling easier by getting them the Kindle Paperwhite. The Paperwhite comes packed with a ton of incredible features, including the highest resolution e-reader display, a charge that holds for an entire month, a glare-free screen, and more. The Kindle is great for traveling with your little reader as it allows you to hold a multitude of books in one convenient place! ($80–$250; amazon.com)

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