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Popular Makeup Brands Teens Can’t Stop Talking About

Whether they’re just starting to experiment with makeup or already an aspiring makeup artist, your teen probably has their favorite makeup brands based on what they or their friends are loving. Here’s a peek at eight brands topping current teen trend lists and products to check out from each. Even better? All of these brands are known for high-quality products at a price point your teen’s budget can afford.

Revlon ColourPop Makeup Palette


This trending indie makeup brand is well-known in the makeup industry for its high-quality products at low prices. Offering a wide variety of beauty items, Colourpop has fan-favorites like highlighters and lip sticks, but teens are currently obsessed with its eyeshadow palettes. A neutral palette is perfect for teens new to the makeup world, and a more colorful palette is super fun for trendsetting teens who have the makeup application technique down. It’s also a good idea to take eye color into consideration when picking out which palette is the best fit for your teen.


Tarte Cosmetic’s naturally-derived, hypoallergenic products (that your teen’s skin will appreciate) are a fave in the makeup industry. While this brand offers an array of products that teens love, don’t miss its easy-to-use, gorgeous cheek stains. All your teen has to do is smile, dab the stain onto the apples of their cheeks, then blend for a beautifully rosy glow. Fun fact: This award-winning product was actually the company’s debut product. Another much-loved product that is essential to a teen’s makeup bag? Mascara!


BB creams are the perfect intro product for teens entering the world of foundation. A mix between a moisturizer and a light foundation, BB cream lightly covers blemishes and evens skin tone while hydrating at the same time. It has a light coverage, which is perfect for teens who are starting to explore makeup and not quite ready for full foundation. Plus, BB creams with SPF 30 protect their skin while they’re having fun in the sun. Maybelline’s BB cream, as well as their entire line of products, is well-loved by teens for its budget-friendly price point and accessibility.

Too Faced

Too Faced’s cruelty-free products are a current teen’s must-have. Their products can be a bit more of a splurge, but for many the quality is well worth the price. This boutique brand offers popular eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, and more. A beauty item teens are loving right now? Brow gel! That’s right—thick, filled-in brows are back in style, and this trend looks like it’s here to stay for awhile.


Morphe Brushes offers an array of makeup items, but its makeup brushes are stealing the spotlight in the teen (and adult) beauty world. Their brushes consistently receive high reviews for quality, and their prices are hard to beat. Which types of brushes should every teen have? In our opinion, a versatile kabuki brush, a fluffy powder brush for eyeshadow, a blending brush, and a blush brush are among the essentials. Still feeling unsure? Consider a kit to make sure your teenager has everything they need. And don’t forget to teach your teen how to properly clean their brushes!

Urban Decay

Urban Decay is also a brand well-known for a wide variety of fan-favorite products. A product that stands out from the crowd, however, is eyeshadow primer. This makeup essential is recommended by our beauty editors and allows for an even eyeshadow application and build. It also helps the makeup stay in place and crease-free all day, even if your teen has oily skin. Start with a colorless primer for an easy-to-work-with product that will work wonders for your teen’s eyeshadow looks.


You’ve probably heard your teen obsessing over the extremely popular Ulta Beauty stores. Ulta’s own line of products includes all the beauty essentials your teen wants, but often at a much lower price than name brands. A product to check out here? Gel eyeliner. Gel has been a top-selling eyeliner style for its easy-to-use and long-lasting application. It allows teens to get the look that’s best for their eye shapes in a form that’s easy to apply and remove at the end of the day.


Sephora is another well-known makeup store that has its own line of highly popular products. From foundations to brow pencils to application tools, this line offers high quality at very competitive prices. A great thing for your teen to try out from a brand like Sephora? Lipstick! A lipstick can add a fun pop of color to their look, but if they’re just starting out it’s better to stick with a lower-priced option in case they don’t like the look or feel. Sephora is the perfect go-to for experimenting because their beauty line includes quality products that even makeup pros love, but at a price that won’t break the bank.