Toddler Tables

4 Seat Junior Activity Table

Give each child a place of their own in the 4 Seat Junior Activity Table, and soon you'll have happy kids and even happier daycare staff. This tough activity table is molded from high-impact plastic, making it ready to withstand all the love and abuse that comes from a child-care environment. Safety belts are included in each seat, and the simple plastic design of this table makes cleaning a simple task. Each seat will usually accommodate children up to 40 lbs. If yign of this table makes cleaning a simple task. Each seat will usually accommodate children up to 40 lbs. If you care for a lot of children, try arranging 4 of these tables into a circle, allowing your staff to keep an eye on all the kids at once. This table is available in your choice of vibrant colors.   About Toddler TablesAlmost 30 years ago, Toddler Tables founder and church minister Glenn Holland got to work in his garage to fix a problem that he saw every Sunday. He noticed that parents with young children spent more time holding their children than they did being involved in the congregation. With an idea in mind, he set out using the best materials and production methods available to help care for the children and assist the parents in his congregation. Holland's hard work paid off when he developed the first Toddler Table. With the seat mounted into the top of the table, he was able to provide caregivers with more flexibility in their jobs, and gave the children a safe and comfortable way to interact with other children. Before long, Holland's new product began making waves in the child care industry, and what was once being built in a garage is now produced in the Toddler Tables manufacturing facility in Raleigh, North Carolina. Toddler Tables has become a symbol of commitment to the child care industry, and even though they've grown beyond Holland's garage, their attention to safety and quality are still available to every preschool, Sunday school, and daycare that cares just as much about the needs of the children they serve. read more