TORCHSTAR Adjustable LED Headlamp for Camping, Helmet Flashlight, Batteries Included

TORCHSTAR Adjustable LED Headlamp, Helmet Flashlight for Hiking, Biking, Running, Reading, Batteries Included3 high efficient LEDs offer extra-bright crystal-clear white light to increase visibility in dark environments. Up to 110yd of beam distance to help you see further and better.Light weight and compact lamp body with adjustable elastic headband. Comfortable to wear without slipping off constantly, can be adjust to different sizes to achieve the perfect fit.100table to wear without slipping off constantly, can be adjust to different sizes to achieve the perfect fit.100 rotatable lamp head to create a more flexible and effective lighting direction and coverage. Single-hand-access design with built-in on/off switch for an easy control.Hands-free and cumbersome-free operation allows you to get light where you needed. Perfect for repairing, inspecting, camping, biking and other tasks and activities without having to occupied your hands.Low energy consumption; operate with 3 AA batteries (included). No charging required, simple and fuss-free to use and replace; enjoy brilliant illumination anytime, anywhere.The LED headlamp is the ideal hands-free portable lighting option to shade extra brightness in your daily life without the trouble and inconvenience of traditional torchlight.Simply wear this lightweight headlamp around your head and enjoy the handy and user-friendly light it produces.Benefits and advantages:High brightness level; Max 110 yard beaming distance.Clear crystal bright daylight to increase alertness in the dark.Even and well-balance lighting output, no glare and hotspot gathering.Lightweight and handy lamp body, easy to carry around.Adjustable elastic headband to suit different user habits.Flexible and versatile lighting directs for efficient lighting coverage.Batteries operated, no charging needed.Complete kit:headlamp, headband and batteries all included.Applications and scenarios:Car, plumbing, wiring repairing and inspectingWorking on detail task such as installing and assembling partsExploring the woods or neighborhood at nightCamping and hiking with family and kidsJogging, biking, dog walkingEmergency backup light during blackoutsSpecificationWattage: 3WLuminous flux: 260lmCCT: DaylightCRI: 80+IP rating: Damp location read more