10 Unique Fidget Spinners Your Kids Will Love

Originally touted as a tool to help kids stay calm and focused, the fidget spinner quickly took off as one of the most sought-after toys of the year. While your kids are probably very familiar with the standard spinners, these unique fidget spinners will catch their attention and make the perfect gift.


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#10 Fidget Spinner for Kids: DSSY Rainbow Spinner

This spinner will immediately capture your kids' attention with its bold colors and unique shape. With a potential spin duration of up to three minutes, it creates a cool multicolor spiral effect when spinning. ($12; amazon.com)

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#9 Fidget Spinner for Kids: Batman Spinner

It's hard to get any cooler than Batman. If your child loves the Dark Knight, this spinner is the perfect superhero gift. ($4.50; walmart.com)

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#8 Fidget Spinner for Kids: Simple Gear Spinner

This sturdy spinner contains interlocking gears that turn as the toy itself spins. ($10; amazon.com)

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#7 Fidget Spinner for Kids: Captain America Spinner

This patriotic fidget spinner looks an awful lot like Captain America's famous shield. As a plus for younger kids, this spinner features a round design with no sharp angles or edges. ($4; amazon.com)

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#6 Fidget Spinner for Kids: Pen Spinner

This cool spinner is great for older kids, as it's actually a pen in disguise. The ends of the pen can shorten for spinning, then extend when being used for writing. ($10; amazon.com)

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#5 Fidget Spinner for Kids: Colored Brass Spinner

This heavy, durable fidget spinner has one of the longest spinning durations we've seen. Its small size and bold colors make it especially fun for kids. ($9; walmart.com)

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#4 Fidget Spinner for Kids: Spider-Man Spinner

If your child is into Spider-Man, this spinner will make a great gift. Like the Captain America spinner, it has a clean round design without sharp edges. ($9; amazon.com)

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#3 Fidget Spinner for Kids: Nine-Gear Spinner

One of the most impressive-looking options, this fidget spinner will intrigue your child with nine interlocking gears that move together as the toy spins. ($19; amazon.com)

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#2 Fidget Spinner for Kids: Six-Sided Attachable Spinner

With six detachable prongs, this metal spinner lets kids change the weight and balance by adding and removing each side. ($10; walmart.com)

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#1 Fidget Spinner for Kids: The Skateboard Spinner

The skateboard spinner features a truly unique design that your kids will love. With a spin duration of up to five minutes, it's a solid spinner with high performance. The length of the skateboard design is fairly long, however, so younger children with small hands may have difficulty getting it to spin in one hand. ($15; amazon.com)

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