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Boye Knit Accessory Kit: Promotes growth of aquatic plantsFormulated for rapid absorption through plant leavesContains chelated ir...on and potassium essential for lush green leavesEnsures strong, healthy plant growthHolds medications, tweezers, makeup and more!5 various sized compartments for easy organizing with drawer for additional storageDesigned to fit in most medicine cabinetsMade of durable clear plastic with textured bottom12" x 3" x 3.5"Glass Gravel Size Small 1/8" - 1/4" (3-6 mm)Made from recycled glass. Easy-grasp 6-piece peg puzzleFamiliar pet pictures under piecesPromotes hand-eye coordination8.5"H x 11.75"L x 0.75"W2+ yearsBeginner's Knitting Accessory KitIncludes four point protectorsPackaged in a handy zipper pouch read more