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3 Hollenback #3 Double Ended Wax Carvers Great For Carving, Smoothing & Making Designs This is a new set of 3 Hollenback #3 double... ended wax carvers Great for making designs, smoothing or using with lathes These carvers allow the user to actually carve the wax rather than scrape it away Each measures approximately 6 7/16" (163.5 mm) long read more


3pc Scratch Remover Set for Cell Phone & iPod Screens Polywatch Scratch Remover Polish This is a new tube of polyWatch scratch rem...over polish This removes scratches from plastic iPod and cell phone screens Apply a small amount of polyWatch to the screen and polish with a cotton cloth The scratches will disappear and the surface of the crystals will look as good as new It is a 5 gram tube that is sufficient for approximately 10-12 uses Polishing Cloth This is a new lint free polishing cloth It cleans precious metals, crystal and silverware without scratching It leaves no deposits after cleaning This may be washed many times It measures approximately 12" x 12" (31 x 31 cm) Drawstring Bag This is a new black velvet drawstring bag Great for holding pocket watches, chains, bracelets, stones or any other jewelry pieces Has a braided drawstring Great for using when you are traveling This pouch is easy to use, but elegant at the same time It measures approximately 4" x 5" (102 x 152) read more


50 Round Magnets This is a new set of 50 round magnets These magnets are great for home, office, school or shop use Each measures ...approximately 3/4" x 1/4" (19 x 6 mm) We receive these magnets from the manufacturer with and without holes read more