6 Educational (Yet Fun!) Word Games for School Age Kids

Time for your crew to take a break from tablets? Switch things up by providing them with one of these entertaining yet challenging word games.

Pile of wooden letters from Scrabble game
Chunks word building game from Target photo

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Didax Chunks: The Incredible Word Building Game

Make learning feel more like playtime with this amusing word building game. This game is great for first through fourth graders to mix and match a variety of prefixes to suffixes and create sentences using those word combinations. Not only will it strengthen their reading and spelling skills, this hands-on activity is also a smart alternative to screen time play. ($48; target.com)

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Words Galore! Spelling and vocabulary game from Target photo

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Wca Words Galore! Spelling and Vocabulary Game

For those kiddos who are always up for a challenge, Words Galore! meets their ambitious personality. It's ideal for kids in grades fourth and up to help them boost their vocabulary while having fun at the same time. There are two levels in the game: In Level One they will use tiles to make two-part words, and in Level Two they will make three-part words. The best part is no matter how many times they play, no game will ever be the same. ($38; target.com)

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Bananagrams game from Target photo

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Bananagrams Game

If you don't already have Bananagrams in your game collection, your family is truly missing out. Similar to Scrabble, Bananagrams is a word building game that uses letter tiles, but it's played at a quicker pace because each player builds their own words and can rearrange them however they like. Besides being a blast to play alone or in groups, it's also a great travel-friendly word game because it comes with a handy zipper pouch. ($15; target.com)

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Flip to Win Hangman game from Michaels photo

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Melissa and Doug Flip to Win Hangman Game

A word game we all know and love, this modern version of Hangman will be a total hit with your kiddos. It's designed with awesome flippable letter tiles and body parts, but still includes a whiteboard and dry-erase marker so your little ones can write out the letters themselves. Whether they are playing against you or a sibling, they'll enjoy coming up with tricky words to make it a friendly challenge. ($19; michaels.com)

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Don't Say It! Game from Bed Bath & Beyond photo

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Don't Say It! Game

If your crew loves game nights, surprise them with this fantastic word clue game: Don't Say It! The goal of the game is to get your teammates to say as many words on the cards as possible while being timed, but the catch is there are four related words on each card you can't use as clues. The creative word game is perfect for ages 6 and up and can even include younger ages with your assistance, making it enjoyable for everyone. ($18; bedbathandbeyond.com)

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The Everything Kids' Word Search Puzzle and Activity Book from Target photo

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The Everything Kids' Word Search Puzzle and Activity Book

You can't go wrong with a word search puzzle, and we can almost guarantee your youngsters will agree after they see what this one has to offer. Featuring 100 puzzles with themes like animals, sports, hobbies and more, this activity book captures all kids' interests. These word puzzles are so fun you might even find them choosing this book over tablets, but no promises. ($8; target.com)

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