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Celebrate all year long with these adorable and charming designs. Featuring all your favorite holidays and occasions, these 45 fun... and festive coloring pages will keep you entertained for hours. Coloring is a great way to take advantage of a quiet moment or gather up your friends for a fun get-together. Whether using colored pencils, markers or watercolors, let these pages spark your creativity as you find joy in the simple pleasure of coloring. Once you get started, you won't want to stop! The Coloring Café Collection Includes: Color My Heart Happy ISBN - 9781563835575 It s A Girl Thing ISBN - 9781563835582 Colorful Blessings ISBN - 9781563835599 Life is Delicious ISBN - 9781563835605 Happy Everything ISBN - 9781563835148 Kindness Matters ISBN - 9781563835155 My Cup Runneth Over ISBN - 9781563835902 Relax, Unwind & Color ISBN - 9781563835919 Be the Sunshine ISBN - 9781563836053 Home is Where It All Begins ISBN - 9781563836060 Cardlets: 30 Mini Birthday ISBN - 9781563835018 Cardlets: 30 Mini All Occasion ISBN - 9781563835025 Cardlets: 30 Mini Scripture ISBN - 9781563835032 God s Graces A Coloring Journal ISBN - 9781563835537 Life in Color A Coloring Journal ISBN - 9781563835544 read more


Think you know tacos? Think again! Turn them inside-out & upside-down with fabulous new fillings, old favorites and shell options ...galore. From bite-size appetizers and ramped-up main dishes to truly decadent desserts, the humble taco has been hacked and re-imagined to create delicious recipes sure to please. Start a fun fiesta with Mexican Potato Crisps and Buffalo Chicken Bites. Serve up taco surprises with Stuffed Zucchini Boats, Twice-Baked Tacotatoes, and French Toast Wraps. Dish out desserts like no others with Cinn-ful Cheesecake Roll-Ups, Ice Cream Tacwiches and 2-Bite Cookie Tacos! For breakfast, snacks, dinner or dessert anytime is taco time! read more