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"House plastercraft unpainted unfinished no fire use acrylic paints Vic's car lot 4". This house appears to be in disrepair and th...ats the way this used car lot is.Broken lights etc. Its meant to be this way." read more


"Dreidel unpainted unfinished plastercraft non fired use acrylic paint 3.5" for Hannukah. Fun activity for entire family. The spin perfectly." read more


Plastic washable reusable 10 well paint pallet for acrylics, water colors , glazes and more. Holds ten different colors


"Plastercraft unpainted unfinished no fire use acrylic paints two bunnies painting an egg 3 3/4" x 5". Use acrylic paints and spra...y or brush on glaze" read more


Unlikely Friendship between Lion Paw the beach dog and Oliver the monkey. A dog and a monkey can they really be friends? In this b...eautiful tale based on real events, Lion Paw shares the story of how she and Oliver first met and the lessons they learned about the true nature of friendship. Amazing things can happen when you are living the beach life. read more